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Udaariyaan, 23rd February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmine Masterstock


Udaariyaan, 23rd February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmine Masterstock: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she asks Jasmine what’s her plan. Jasmine says that she just wants to accept her marriage with Amrik, but they are doubting her. Jasmine says that she wants to change. Fateh says that she can’t change. Amrik calls Jasmine for the Mehndi function. Jasmine tells Amrik that Tejo and Fateh doubt her intentions. Amrik says to Fateh that Simran’s marriage is taking place because of Jasmine. Jasmine tells Amrik to change so he goes. Jasmine admits in front of Tejo and Fateh that she has a plan which will surprise them. She gives challenges to them to find what is she planning. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo says that she can’t fool them anymore. Amrik takes Jasmine from there. Tejo says that they have to look after nothing goes wrong. Simran’s Mehndi function takes place. Tejo searches for Jasmine to keep an eye on her. Fateh wonders where are Tejo and Jasmine. He gets worried and goes to check on them. Jasmine makes fun of Tejo and says that she won’t able to find out what is she going to do. Fateh sees all this. Jasmine laughs and says that she did all this intentionally. Jasmine takes her to dance. Jasmine tells everyone to dance.

Fateh turns off the lights when Tejo signs him. Tejo then says that this special performance is only for Simran. She narrates Buzzo and Simran’s love story. Simran gets emotional. Family applauds. Everyone dances. Meanwhile, Rupi looks unhappy. Tejo is about to fall but Angad holds her. Everyone enjoys the function. Suddenly, Jasmine goes apart with Candy. Tejo notices it and alerts Fateh. Tejo sees Jasmine going into a room. Tejo asks her to open the door. Fateh is about to break the door but the door opens and Candy comes out. Candy says that he wore the same clothes as Buzzo.


Jasmine says to Tejo that she won’t find anything. Tejo offers coffee to Fateh. They discuss Jasmine’s plan. Tejo asks him why he is sad. He says that he is not ok. Tejo asks if it is because of Angad. Fateh shares his feelings to her about Angad. Tejo tries to make him understand and says that it’s more important that they are together. Simran’s Haldi function happens. Everyone applies Haldi on Simran.

Tejo remembers  Jasmine’s words and decides that she won’t let Jasmine succeed in her plan. Later, the wedding ritual starts. Simran and Buzzo exchange garlands. Buzzo’s father comes there shouting that this marriage can’t happen and takes Buzzo with him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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