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Udaariyaan, 23 September 2021, Written Update, Jasmine locks Tejo in the room!


Udaariyaan 23 September 2021 Written Update: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she asks Fateh that how long they are going to stay only like this. Jasmine asks him to open the gifts together and Fateh looks at her in anger. Mahi and Tejo see all this. Then Tejo consoles Biji who is thinking about Simran and crying. On the other hand, Gurpreet remembers Simran seeing her childhood pictures. She tells Mahi about Simran’s childhood. Gurpreet that she met Simran after a long time but didn’t talk to her well. Tejo comes there and Gurpreet pleads to her to take her to Simran’s place. Mahi asks Tejo to tell the truth about Simran as she knows everything about her.


Tejo says that she is bound to her swear. She can’t reveal anything and says sorry to Gurpreet. Gurpreet requests her but Tejo says to her that she has to wait for a while as she will bring Simran at home soon. Jasmine sees all this. The next day, Fateh comes to talk to Tejo and says sorry to her. He says that he misunderstood her when he saw her with Buzzo in the market. Tejo says for how many mistakes, he will rectify by saying sorry. Gurpreet notices Tejo who is going to the academy. She asks Tejo to take the lunch and give it to Fateh as she forgot.

Tejo agrees and Jasmine sees this. Jasmine makes a call to Fateh and asks him to meet at 1 PM. Tejo reaches the academy and notices it’s locked. She thinks that it’s good that the academy is locked as she doesn’t want to have lunch with Fateh. She thinks to keep the lunch in his cabin. She attempts to open the lock but it didn’t open. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and tells her that she has changed the lock as from now on she will work with him in the academy. Tejo asks if Fateh knows this.

Jasmine says yes as they both decide this together. She says to Tejo that she knows she also has work to do at the house such as Biji’s health and more. She says, so now Tejo will handle household work and she will handle the academy.  Tejo says to her if she knows how to handle things. She asks her to leave. Later, Jasmine gets to know that the Punjab Govt. is giving an award to Fateh to honor him for his contribution to the sports.

The family members also get to know about the news. Everyone wonders who will go with Fateh. Jasmine says that Tejo will go as no one will like it if she goes to the award function. Tejo refuses to go with Fateh. At the function, Fateh holds the trophy. On the other hand, Jasmine locked Tejo in a room and she attends the function. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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