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Udaariyaan 23 July 2021 full episode written update, Fateh-Tejo’s Romantic Evening!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he enters the house along with Tejo. She says that the house looks closed for so long. Fateh says to Tejo that now they have to stay here only cause of this heavy rain. Tejo likes the house and calls it cozy. Fateh makes fun of her. Then Tejo handovers his clothes to him and says that he should change now else he gets sick. Tejo says to him that he looks good without a shirt as well. Fateh feels shy. Tejo tells Fateh that there is no place to change so Fateh asks her to change clothes behind the curtains.


Here, Jasmine is searching for Tejo and Fateh but is unable to find them. On the other hand, Fateh gets his clothes from Tejo’s bag. A flashback shows in which Tejo hugs and kisses on Fateh’s shirt and a locket gifted by him, keep it in his shirt. She did this so that he recalls their last moment. Jasmine wishes that Fateh will notice the locket. Fateh wears the shirt but misses to see the locket while open the shirt. After that, Fateh looks at Tejo who is behind the curtains. She sees her while change but thinks he should not do that so turn his back.


Then he changes his clothes and checks if there is electricity or not. He gets happy when he switches on the lights. Tejo comes out after changing. Fateh gets mesmerized seeing her and compliments her saying that she is looking so beautiful. Suddenly, the lights turn off so then they light the candles over there. Tejo gets burn so he cares for her. Fateh says that he is feeling hungry so Tejo prepares his favorite food. Tejo notices her favorite poet’s book and feels happy seeing it. Fateh asks her to read her favorite poems.

When she starts reading, Fateh comes to her and sits next to her. Fateh comes close to her which shocks Tejo. Then she notices fire on the curtain so shouts loud. Fateh thinks she shouts because he came close to her so he says sorry to her. Then Tejo makes him notice the fire. Fateh extinguishes the fire. After that, they both fall on the floor when going to sit on the bed. They both get up helping each other. They both share a romantic moment. The next morning, when Fateh awakes and notices that locket. He recalls his moments with Jasmine and also remembers what he did last night. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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