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Udaariyaan 22 October 2021 full episode written update: Fateh shocked when Jass said this on Jasmine


Udaariyaan 22nd October 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Jass as he holds Tejo’s hands on her back and says that he is not going to leave her so easily. He says that he knows that her family is her weakness and now her family will become his strength. Tejo asks him what is he going to do. He laughs and says that professor Tejo gets scared. He asks her to wait and watch. He feeds her cake forcibly. Simran says maybe Tejo went to her father’s house. Khushbeer is on a call with Rupia. Meanwhile, Tejo comes home and everyone goes to her and asks questions. Gurpreet asks her to come inside first. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Everyone asks her where was she? and why she went outside the house. She says that she doesn’t want to go out but Jass has trapped her. She tells them everything. Fateh also comes there. Tejo tells them that Jass said to her that if she won’t come to her then he will trouble her family. Fateh gets angry and says let him come. Biji and Gurpreet consoles Tejo. Jasmine says that she thinks Jass has come to take revenge on Tejo. Khushbeer says that he still has the power to protect her daughter.  Jasmine is talking to Jass on call.

She says that her plan is working this time. She asks him what is his plan for tomorrow. He says that he will take Tejo from the house, just wait and watch. Simran and Mahi console Tejo who says that now she is scared as the matter has been reached her family. Jasmine says to Jass if he remembers their deal that she wants Tejo to out of this house and Fateh’s life too. Jass says that she will get whatever she wants and he will get what he wants. Tejo is cooking food recalling Jass’ words. Fateh comes there and stops her from burning her hand.

Later, he asks her to let him help her. Tejo says that she doesn’t want his help and she will handle whatever happens to her. Fateh says to her that if the situation was different, he won’t say anything but it’s Jass so the three of them can beat him easily. Tejo asks who three? Fateh says Jasmine and tells her that she genuinely cares for her and wants to help her. Tejo recalls Jasmine’s words and says to Fateh that she doesn’t need his and Jasmine’s sympathy. The next morning, Jass comes to Virk’s house and says that he came here to take Tejo with him. He says that Tejo is his legal wife. Later, Tejo goes to her parents’ house and Jass also reaches there. Sandhu’s beat him and Police arrest them. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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