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Udaariyaan, 22nd January 2022, Written Update: Jasmine threatens Tejo


Udaariyaan, 22nd January 2022, Written Update: Jasmine threatens Tejo: Today’s episode begins with Rupi who is lamenting about Jasmine’s actions in front of the family members. Rupi breaks into tears. Tejo tries to handle him. Rupi holds his chest. Tejo gives him water. Tejo assures Rupi saying that he is sure that Fateh and Khushbeer find a solution for this. At Virk’s house, Fateh says to Dadaji and Khushbeer that Jasmine might have planned all this to get power. They decide to go to the police station to get information regarding the incident. Simran hears them and says that Jasmine is so clever so they have to do everything smartly. At night, Tejo thinks about Fateh and Amrit and texts Fateh to know how is he? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He texts her that he wants to meet her. Later, they both meet. Fateh tells Tejo that they have decided to go to the police station to know what exactly happened that night because they have no other option. Fateh expresses Tejo his doubt on Jasmine regarding planning for the accident. Tejo asks him to be positive and doesn’t lose hope. He says thanks to her. They look at each other. Tejo says that she will pray to god. Fateh leaves and Tejo prays to make everything right.

The next morning, Virks does worship, while Tejo prays to Waheguru to show her way to save Amrik. Tejo thinks that it is  Jasmine’s plan but there is something that she is not understanding in all this and wonders what it is. Simran tries to feed Amrik. Meanwhile, Amrik notices Khushbeer and Fateh are going to the police and he tries to stop him. Fateh tries to make him understand that it could be Jasmine’s plan to trap all of them so they have to find the clue regarding all this. Amrik begs them and cries.

But, they both leave. Jasmine talks to her friend over the phone and asks what should she wear at her wedding. She asks if Virks have agreed to her conditions. Jasmine says that they don’t have any other option. Tejo comes to her. Jasmine says how would Tejo feel when she will marry Fateh. She adds that she is getting married to him to take revenge on him. Tejo asks why is she doing all this and why she involved Amrik in all this. How she became so bad. Jasmine says it is all because of her.

Tejo says that she did everything from giving divorce Fateh to getting engaged with Angad fakely. She says that she will go away from Virks and Fateh but she has to spare Amrik. Jasmine laughs and says that she is not accepting her deal. There, Amrik tries to commit suicide and Tejo gets to know about it. Everyone found him in the bathtub, Tejo gets shocked seeing her wrist cut. Jasmine hits someone with her car and comes out to see him. Fateh comes there. Watch the full episode of  Udaariyaan to know what will happen next. Watch it on Colors at 7 pm.

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