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Udaariyaan 22nd February 2022 full episode written update: Jasmine Gets Tricked


Udaariyaan 22nd February 2022 full episode written update: Jasmine Gets Tricked: Today’s episode begins with the Fateh-Tejo team as it is scoring back-to-back goals. Both teams score equally. A player gets pushed and the Fatejo team gets a chance to get a penalty goal. Fateh sends a defender to kick the ball and the principal and parents get upset. However, the player scores the goal, and the team wins the match. In the meantime, Jasmine opens the door and comes out. She stays that she won’t leave them. The student’s parents argue with the principal thinking she brought him back and ask her to remove Fateh from the college. A student comes and supports Fateh. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Fateh scolds them for answering back to his parents. He says sorry to the principal and says that he wanted only their victory, nothing else. He tells them to celebrate the college’s victory and is about to leave. Tejo stops him and exposes the other coach who gave alcohol to a student. Tejo tells everyone how the coach gave the wrong instruction to the students to lose the match as he was given money for that. Meanwhile, the coach comes there and says that Tejo locked him. Tejo admits it revealing the truth of the coach. The principal scolds the coach.


Tejo asks the parents if they still want this coach instead of Fateh. The parents are still against Fateh. She says that Fateh trained the students that’s why today their college has won. After saying all this, she leaves the decision up to the parents. Tejo congratulates Fateh and says that she wants a treat now, while Fateh is upset. Fateh says if she really wants a treat from him. Tejo says yes and asks for Kulfi. Fateh asks Tejo about Jasmine. The students come to Fateh and click selfies with him. Jasmine comes out and gets angry seeing all this.

Jasmine says that she will take revenge on them at Simran and Buzzo’s wedding. Fateh comes home and Jasmine tells everyone that Fateh got his job back. Khushbeer asks how and asks what he did. Fateh gives all credit to Tejo who explains everything to the family. Jasmine later removes the rope and says that Tejo can come to their side till Simran’s wedding. Everyone gets shocked and Tejo thinks that she did surely for some reason.


Simran gets happy and says it is the best wedding gift for her. Tejo goes to Jasmine asks about her plan behind all this. Later, Tejo notices Jasmine taking Candy. Tejo informs Fateh about it and they go to find them. They open the door and are left shocked. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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