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Udaariyaan 21st July 2021 written update: Fateh Tells Tejo And His Love Story!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he laughs at Tejo and she laughs at him. Fateh says to Tejo that she can’t lie to someone. She says that but he lied to her so now she also decided to lie. Fateh the fruit drink is the reason for her this behavior. Tejo asks what. Fateh tells her that alcohol is mixed in that fruit punch. Tejo says to him that he should stop her then. He says that he thought that she is enjoying so much then let her enjoy. Here, Jasmine puts makeup on her face and says that Fateh is made only for her.


Here, Tejo says now she knows why she is feeling so light. She says that now she is drunk so she can say anything to him and he won’t mind. Fateh agrees. She tells him everything when she felt anger on him and when she liked him. Fateh apologizes to him for his rude behavior with her. He says that maybe he went crazy at that time. He adds after all that, still, she decided to stay in his life and helped him to move on in his life. He considers himself a lucky guy who has a friend like her. On the other hand, Jasmine spreads all his makeup on her face.

She says that no one can snatch Fateh from her. She adds that Fateh is hers and always be hers. She smiles while looks at the mirror. They both go inside the hearing the thundering voice but Fateh realizes that his car is not starting. He is about to go outside the car but rainfalls. Tejo takes the umbrella out of her bag and shows it to Fateh. Fateh asks her to come out then for holding it for him. She agrees. Jasmine leaves the house without anyone’s knowledge. She walks alone on the road. Amrika comes there and asks her to sit in the car.

Amrik asks her where are they going to search for them. He says to her that she should go home as the wheater is not so good. He says whenever they will return, he will let her know immediately. Jasmine doesn’t listen to him so they leave to search for them. Here, Fateh and Tejo spending time together. Fateh says that he is sending their location to Amrik so that he can help them when will get the message. Fateh and Tejo find a house and enters it through the window. Jasmine gets shocked to see them in some strange position. Don’t miss the upcoming episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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