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Udaariyaan, 21st October 2021, Written Update, Fateh will not Marry To Jasmine Anymore?


Udaariyaan 21 October 2021, Written Update: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she cries remembering the lawyer and Jasmine’s words. Candy says to Fateh that Tejo is not having food so he asks him to convince her to have food. Jasmine meets Jass and tells her that his marriage is legal with Tejo. Jass feeds her sweets forcibly. Jass says it means that he can file against Fateh as he is not letting his wife come to him. Jasmine looks at her shockingly. Fateh comes to Tejo with food and asks her to have it. She tells him to leave her alone. Fateh says that he understands her pain but it is not her mistake. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


He asks her not to worry about anything as till, she is here, no one can touch her.  Tejo asks what relationship they share as the relationship between hearts has already been broken and now the legal relationship is also finished. Jasmine asks Jass why is he dragging Fateh in all this. Jass says that he is fire and asks Jasmine not to play with him. Jasmine gets scared but also says to him that he won’t do anything with Fateh as soon they both will get married to each other. She says that she will take care of Fateh.

Jasmine gives Jass a necklace and says that its cost would be 5 to 6 lakh. She tells him to take Tejo from his life as she has shown him the way. Tejo asks Fateh not to worry for her as she has other family members. Fateh leaves the place keeping the food plate on the bed. He recalls his moment with Tejo. Tejo cries. Later, Jasmine hugs Fateh and pretends like she is very emotional. She asks him to give some space to Tejo as if he will go in front of her, she will remember everything that happened. Fateh agrees.

After some time, Tejo gets a call from her student named Manpreet who says to her that he is going to commit suicide as he thinks that he won’t pass the exam. Tejo asks him to stop but he cuts the call. Tejo leaves the house in hurry. Jasmine asks her not to go outside but she leaves. Jasmine smirks and informs someone about Tejo.

Later, Jass kidnaps Tejo and takes her to an isolated place. Tejo asks him to leave her but he doesn’t listen to her. He says that he only wants to talk to her wife. Tejo says that she knows that she is doing all this for money and asks him how much money he wants. Jass says that he is right but he also wants her. Here, everyone searches for Tejo. How will Fateh save Tejo from Jass? To know this, watch tonight’s episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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