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Udaariyaan, 21 February 2022, Written Update: Jasmin seeks for Help


Udaariyaan, 21 February 2022, Written Update: Jasmin seeks for Help: Today’s episode begins with the match as it restarts after a short break. It is announced that the best player of Ratan Singh college is unable to play in the match. Later, the opposite team scores two goals. The principal of Ratan college looks worried. Again, a short break is announced. Tejo signs a staff. The staff tells the coach that the principal called him. He leaves scolding the students. Tejo makes the coach faint and ties him up with the help of the staff. Tejo says that she needs to get Fateh to the college. She goes to Fateh and offers him the clothes of the coach and tells him to change them. Fateh leaves. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Fateh comes out after changing his clothes. The principal calls out him. Fateh gets worried. The principal shows her stress regarding the football match. Fateh stays silent. The principal asks him for the answer. Tejo gets worried. She gets a call from someone and leaves. They get relieved. Fateh goes to the students and they get happy seeing him. Fateh motivates them. Jasmine attempts to call the coach. A man says to Jasmine that the coach has called her to the storeroom. Jasmine goes there and Tejo makes her unconscious. She locks her in the room and leaves.

Fateh trains the students and tells them strategies and tricks. Tejo gives juice to them. Fateh encourages the students and says to them that they have to score six goals to win the match. On the other house, wedding preparations have been ongoing at the Virk’s house. Gurpreet brings Simran’s wedding outfit and shows it to her. Simran likes it. Mahi puts Dupatta on Simran’s head and Gurpreet wishes good for her. She also wishes for her family’s happiness. Fateh says to the students that they will play in attack mode.

Somehow, Jasmine frees herself and then shouts for help. Fateh tells the students to put all their efforts into the match. The match restarts and Fateh’s team performs well and scores goals back to back. Everyone sees Fateh in the ground and gets shocked. Tejo tries to make the principal understand. Ratan Singh college needs only one goad to win. Tejo, Fateh, Jasmine gets nervous. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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