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Udaariyaan, 20th October 2021, Written Episode Update, Khushbeer says Tejo won’t go anywhere


Today’s episode begins with Jass as he says to Tejo that she has one day to tell everyone about their marriage. Fateh asks the man where he got Tejo’s mobile. The man shows him the direction. Fateh immediately goes there and searches for Tejo. Jass says to Tejo that if she didn’t tell her family then he will come to her house and take her from there forcibly. Jass hears Fateh’s voice and leaves from there. Tejo calls out Fateh. Fateh sees her injured and gets shocked. He holds Tejo in his arms and calls out Amrik. He asks Amrik to catch that man.


Fateh asks Tejo who was he. Tejo says Jass which shocks Fateh. Amrik chases Jass but he runs away from there throwing sand on Amrik and he gets fails to see him. Amrik tells Fateh that he runs away. They take Tejo home. The whole family looks after Tejo. Gurpreet asks her what happened. Tejo cries and tells everyone that happened. Khushbeer gets angry hearing all this and says what Jass wants. Simran says why he came back. Fateh says that Tejo’s marriage was not valid with Jass as he cheated on them. Fateh gets angry and says that he will not spare him how dare he harm Tejo.

Udaariyaan, 20th October 2021

Jasmine acts like that she doesn’t know anything and asks why has Jass come back. Tejo remembers Jass’ words and gives the marriage certificate to him. Fateh reads it and gets stunned. Khushbeer also reads it and gets amazed. Jasmine smirks. Khushbeer tells Rupi that Jass is Tejo’s legal husband and they don’t even know that their marriage was registered. Rupi gets upset and says that many things were happening at that time so they missed all these papers. Khushbeer is about to fall but Fateh holds him. Khushbeer says that he is fine and they have to get Tejo out of this trouble at any cost.

The next day, the lawyer comes home and says that they have to find out a legal way to get Tejo out of this mess because Tejo’s marriage is legal with Jass at this time and Fateh and Tejo’s marriage doesn’t matter. He says that the court is closed for two days so they have to wait for two days and he leaves. Khushbeer says Tejo won’t go anywhere till then. Tejo goes to her room and cries recalling the lawyer’s words. Jasmine comes to her and taunts her saying now she is also illegitimate’s wife of Fateh and laughs. She leaves saying now she can become Fateh’s legal wife and she can go with his legal husband Jass. Later, Jass kidnaps Tejo by trapping her. Watch today’s episode of Udaariyaan to know how will Jass trap Tejo. You can catch it on Colors at 7 PM.

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