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Udaariyaan, 20th December 2021, Written Update: Tejo Worried About Fateh-Jasmine


Udaariyaan, 20th December 2021, Written Update: Tejo Worried About Fateh-Jasmine: Today’s episode begins with Fateh who is driving the car losing in Angad and Tejo’s thoughts. Suddenly, Buzo stops the car and Fateh comes out of his car and hugs him. He asks how he got to know about his whereabouts. He says that he knows him very well. Tejo talks to Angad on phone and tells him that she is going to the Market to buy things for the home. He cuts the call and looks for Riya in the car. She scolds her for coming out of the house without Angad’s knowledge to which Riya says that Angad also didn’t take her out and now, she is too doing the same. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo agrees to take her to market. They both decide to buy things for the home from the market. Here, Buzo notices Fateh’s driver’s dress and questions him. Fateh says that he deserves this only. Buzo blames Jasmine for everything to which Fateh says that he is equally responsible for everything that happened. Tejo and Riya come to the shop and starts shopping. Jasmine follows them and says that she will not let Tejo stay happy in her life. Tejo is shopping and Riya is having fun sitting in the trolley. Fateh says to Buzo that he took a long time to understand Jasmine’s intention for Tejo.

He says to Buzo that if he went back to his father then he will again hope that Tejo and he can be together. He says that Tejo is happy now and he doesn’t want to interfere in her life. Buzo leaves giving him a dish made by Gurpreet. Fateh asks him not to tell anyone about him. Fateh prays to God to give him all Tejo’s problems and keep her happy always. Riya says to Tejo that she wants chocolate and will choose herself. Tejo asks her not to go anywhere. Riya agrees.

Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and shows her a doll. Riya asks her how she gets her doll. He says that her Poppins gave her this doll and he is outside and waiting for her with chocolates. She tells her to come with her. Riya agrees and says that Tejo will also come with her. Jasmine stops her from calling Tejo stating that it’s a surprise for Tejo. Riya agrees and leaves with her.

They both come out of the shop and leave. Jasmine says to Riya that her father is in office so they will go there. Here, Tejo realizes that Riya is missing and she looks for her everywhere. She then informs Angad about it and he rushes to her immediately. He comes to Tejo and angrily asks her to leave his house. Tejo gets shocked, while Jasmine feels happy seeing Tejo crying. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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