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Udaariyaan, 20th August 2021, Written Update, Fateh Broke Every Relationship With Jasmine!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he comes home with Tejo and all family members take care of Tejo. Nimmu asks what was Jasmine doing there. Khushbeer asks her not to start all this right now. He then asks Tejo about the boy who shot her. Tejo tells that she doesn’t know about him anything. he was just disturbed very much and is not in his senses. He can do anything to anyone. She then says that thanks to God she is saved. Jasmine also comes to meet her sister. She says thanks to God that Tejo is safe and nothing wrong happened to her.


Jasmine sends a message to Fateh asking if Tejo and he is okay and also asks him to call her as soon as possible. Jasmine notices that he saw the message but didn’t reply to her. She gets upset seeing this. Fateh helps Tejo to drink water. Suddenly, the glass falls down and one of the glass pieces hurts Fateh’s hands. It starts bleeding. Tejo gets tense seeing blood in his hands and immediately sucks his finger. She says to him that he should be careful. Fateh nods at her.

He then says to her that she should not care for him as he doesn’t deserve this much care of her. He says that he is very bad and also not a good husband. He adds that she supported him always but he neither supports her nor understands her good intentions always. He didn’t even support her when she needed him the most. She got into big trouble and is about to take her life just because of him. He blames himself for everything saying why his phone was switched off. He cries in front of him and Tejo looks at him.


Tejo says to him that it was good that his phone was not on else he would be in her place. She says that Aman could harm or kill him. Tejo asks her to forget everything that happened in the past and tells him to be good in the future. Fateh apologizes to her and hugs her tightly. On the other hand, Jasmine is thinking if Tejo and Fateh will get close to each other after whatever happened.

After some time, Fateh meets Jasmine and asks her to forget him. She says that how can he say this. He says that he has decided that he will not betray Tejo at all. He says to her that from now on, never tries to meet him and whatever they had is all over now. Jasmine cries. Don’t miss to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” at 7 PM on Colors.

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