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Udaariyaan, 1st September 2021, Written Update, Tejo Finds Visa Papers!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he decides to go to Canada with Jasmine without anyone’s knowledge. He tells her that he is going to apply for Visa tonight only. Jasmine gets elated. Fateh asks her not to do any mistake getting overexcited. Tejo thinks about Fateh. Jasmine asks Fateh to be very careful. She hugs her. Fateh returns home. Tejo asks him why is he not picking up his calls. Fateh lies to her saying that he was having lunch with a client. Tejo asks the reason for his rude behavior. She asks him to tell if she did anything wrong.


Fateh says that he doesn’t want to say anything and he should know herself if she has done wrong something. Tejo asks him to talk to her but he denies it. They both had an argument. Tejo attempts to talk to him but he leaves the place. Here, Jasmine is so happy thinking that her dream to go to Canada is going to fulfill. Sweety comes to meet Jasmine as she called her. Jasmine is about to tell her everything but then stops herself. Dadi comes there and gets happy seeing Jasmine happy. Sweety asks if Dadi knows about her. Jasmine says no and she doesn’t care about family because they only care for Tejo.

On the other hand, Khushbeer says to Tejo that Fateh has left for the academy so he will drop her. He asks her to bring Fateh’s document file. Jasmine and Fateh meet each other at their regular place. Jasmine prepared to celebrate their togetherness but Fateh seems little disturbed thinking if he is right about Tejo. Jasmine asks him what happened when he refuses to cut the cake. He says to her that Tejo questions him looking into his eyes, how can she talk to him looking into his eyes when she is doing wrong with him.

Here, Tejo notices Fateh and Jasmine’s Visa papers and gets shocked. Fateh thinks if Tejo is really in a relationship with Buzo or there is something else that he is not understanding. Tejo hides the paper seeing Khushbeer. Buzo decides to talk to Tejo about Fateh and gets a call from Tejo. They both meet and talk about Fateh. Tejo tells him about the papers, Buzo asks her to check the date. Tejo goes to the house to clear her doubt. Fateh asks Jasmine to join him in his friend’s engagement where Tejo is also about to go. It is going to be very exciting to see if Tejo will be able to see them together or Fateh and Jasmine get safe again. Watch today’s episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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