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Udaariyaan, 1st November 2021, Written Update, After Tejo Angad, Fateh also danced with Tejo


Udaariyaan, 1st November 2021, Written Update, Maha Episode Twist and Turns: Today’s episode commences with Angad Maan who is dancing in the crowd and all people cheering him up. Tejo comes there and asks for Angad Maan. A man tells her that he is among the crowd. She goes there and asks about Angad. She says to him that she has a meeting with him. The man says that seems like sir has forgotten the meeting. In the meantime, Angad is busy dancing. The man asks her to sit and he goes to Angad. He tells Angad about Tejo’s arrival so he goes to meet her after seeing her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan 1st November 2021 Written Update

He asks what’s the matter. Tejo says that he wants to meet Angad, not him. Angad asks who is she? She introduced herself. Angad says that he is busy. Tejo gets furious and says that he doesn’t value the time of people. He asks her to tell him as he is the close one of Angad but she refuses. He asks her to wait in the office room. Tejo is waiting there and Angad comes there while talking to a client. Tejo gets surprised seeing him. Tejo praises him for being so down to earth after becoming such a big business tycoon. He says that small things have happiness. He jokes and Tejo smiles.

He says to her that he searched about her academy. He asks her about her proposal. She gives a presentation and Angad likes it very much. He says that he wants to see the academy soon. He asks if he can come tomorrow. Tejo agrees. Later, Tejo tells everything to Virk. She says that it will be good for them if Angad gets ready to work with them. Biji praises her and gives her blessings. Jasmine comes there and says that she has good news for everyone. She says that Fateh and Tejo’s divorce is going to happen soon so she has planned an engagement ceremony for her and Fateh.

Everyone gets shocked hearing her. She says that because she knew that everyone is busy with academy work so she has done shopping for everyone. Khushbeer gets angry and says that this engagement won’t happen till Fateh and Tejo’s divorce happen. Everyone leaves. Fateh also leaves saying when they discuss this. The next day, Angad comes to see the academy and agrees to invest after seeing the players and all. He asks Tejo to organize a party at his farmhouse as he starts new work with the party. Tejo agrees. After that, Tejo gets stressed thinking about how will she manage everything, She decides to get engaged at the party. Angad and Tejo dance at a party while Fateh feels jealous. Watch today’s episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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