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Udaariyaan 1st March 2022 full episode written update: Jasmine has Amrik on her side


Udaariyaan 1st March 2022 full episode written update: Jasmine has Amrik on her side: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she wonders who could follow her, maybe it would be only a mouse. Here, the guard leaves the place locking the shutter. Tejo and Fateh go out through the window and leave the place. The guard sees them. He calls Jasmine immediately and tells Jasmine about it. Jasmine understands that they will be Tejo and Fateh. She gets worried and thinks if they find any proof against her. Fateh sees Tejo’s hand is wounded and he gives first aid to her. Fateh says that they should begin their life. Tejo denies it saying that they can’t until they free Amrik from Jasmine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan Written Update

Tejo and Fateh come across Swaran on their way. Swaran says that she has come to do the shopping for her son’s birthday. Fateh says that he used to spend his holidays at Swara’s house. He asks her to drop her at home.  Swaran asks them if they are okay. Tejo says that they are in a problem but they will find the solution soon. Swarna motivates them by telling a quote. Fateh and Tejo come back home. Jasmine looks scared. Tejo asks why Jasmine is scared. Jasmine refuses. Fateh asks Jasmine whom she gave money.

Jasmine pretends that she is not understanding what they are saying. Tejo shows Jasmine the picture that she clicked. Jasmine is glad that Fateh and Tejo didn’t see Tara’s face. Jasmine says that she is just trying to help Tara’s wife. She can’t come that’s why her brother came to make money. She tells Tejo to stop doing these childish acts. She brings the rope and tied it again. She says that Simran is over now. Jasmine blackmails Tejo and Fateh taking Amrik’s name. Fateh thinks that they shouldn’t confront instantly. Tejo agrees. She says that they will soon find the proof and will release Amrik from her too.

Jasmine goes to Amrik and cries in front of Fateh and Tejo. She says that Tejo wants her to leave this house. She says that she is only trying to save Amrik but no one understands her. She says that what proof she can give so that they believe that she is trying to change. She says that Tejo provokes Fateh against her all time. She says that everyone deserves a second chance then why not she. Amrik says that he knows it and consoles her. Tejo comes and tells her to stop her drama. Amrik asks Tejo to not interfere in their matter and why she is in this house. Rupi asks Tejo to come back to her house. Tejo demands seven days’ time. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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