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Udaariyaan 19th January 2022 written update: Jasmine Amrik Lunch date


Udaariyaan 19th January 2022 written update: Jasmine Amrik Lunch date: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she wakes up. She recalls the rose and the note from Fateh and sees her night table but notices that there is no rose and note today. She then remembers Khushbeer’s words and thinks if she should forgive him. She asks God to help her in this. Tejo’s brothers overhear her. Tejo sees her phone and gets to know that Fateh has won the boxing match. She gets happy and says thanks to god. Tejo finds her brothers outside her room and they come and show her a video. Tejo says that it is an old video and asks them to leave. Fateh is on his way to college. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Buzzo makes a call to Fateh and tells him that some goons are beating Rupi. Fateh rushes to him. The goons beat Rupi and he faints there. Meanwhile, Fateh comes there and beats the goons and they run away. Fateh takes Rupi to the hospital. Here, Tejo comes to the college and sees Fateh’s poster. She remembers his words. A student asks Tejo if she will be there to Fateh. She tells him to talk to Tannu about it. In the hospital, the doctor tells Fateh that Rupi is fine now and will be recovered soon.


The nurse asks him if he is a relative of the patient. Fateh says yes. Fateh gives Tejo’s contact number to the nurse and asks her to inform her. Later, Tejo comes there and sees his father. Fateh hides seeing her. The nurse tells her when she asks what happened. Tejo asks about the person who brought him there. The nurse tells her that a boy brought him and he was also injured. Tejo informs Satti and she comes there. Tejo gets the call from college and leaves. Khushbeer gets happy seeing Fateh’s victory and the students who lift him up.

Fateh remembers his insults. Khushbeer says that he is proud of him and hugs him. Fateh gets happy. Buzzo calls Tejo and asks about his father. Tejo asks how he knew about him. He tells him everything. Tejo understands that Fateh saved her father. Tejo goes to Fateh and says thanks to him as he gets Khushbeers respect back. Fateh says sorry to him. She questions him why didn’t send rose and note today and if he sends it to get her forgiveness. Fateh says to see her smile.

He gives her a rose and says sorry. Tejo leaves recalling his betrayal. Angad sees this and gets happy. But Tejo returns to Fateh and takes the rose and says that she accept this for saving her father. She says that she is not upset with him anymore and moved on in her life. Tejo leaves. Just then Fateh receives Jasmine’s text who asks her to reach home as her surprise is waiting for him. Angad forcibly takes Tejo with him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm

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