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Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 full episode written update: finally, Tejo sees Fateh!


Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 full episode written update: finally, Tejo sees Fateh!: The episode starts with Sharma as he asks Fateh to rest for some time. He refuses. Tanya tells Fateh to come with her. Angad comes to meet his business partner where he introduces Tejo to him. He tells him about RR Sharma and he panics hearing him. Tejo and Angad leave the place. Tanya says to Fateh that she has to take out a blanket and asks him to lift her up to which Fateh says that he will bring a stool for her. Jasmine is thinking about Tejo’s happiness. She imagines Tejo who asks her if she can’t see her happy. Jasmine says that she will snatch everything from her that gives her happiness. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo smiles. Jasmine says that Tejo has ruined everything for her and she doesn’t have anything in her life and now, she is not going to let her stay happy. She says that she will make Tejo’s life hell. Angad’s car stops working, so he calls Tanya. She asks Fateh to pick the call. He says that how can she do that. Tanya takes the phone and talks to Angad who tells her that his car is damaged. Tanya says that she is sending the driver and asks Fateh to go.

Fateh reaches the location and thinks about what will he do if they see him. He wears a mask. Tejo and Angad come to the car.  Tejo looks at him. They sit in the car. Fateh drives the car. Tejo closes her eyes and Fateh sees her from a rare view mirror. Angad asks Fateh to play the songs. He does the same. Angad acts with the lyrics. Fateh feels bad and recalls his moments with Tejo. He holds the steering tightly as Angada holds Tejo’s hands and also sings the song. Tejo smiles. Angad also teases her.

Angad says to Fateh that his taste in music is the same as Tejo. Fateh thinks that where has he come because of Jasmine’s love. Jasmine introduces herself as a government officer and comes to Angad’s house. She meets the maid and shows her money. Angad comes to know about Sharma’s health and says to Tanya that he is upset with her and adds that at least she should have called him. Fateh sees them. The maid says to Jasmine that she shares a family relation with Angad. RR Sharma laughs and Angad asks him to stop laughing. After some time, Angad and Tejo decide to leave for the house. Here, Jasmine kidnaps Riya giving her chocolate. Tejo panics and tells Angad about it. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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