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Udaariyaan, 19th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Aman Holds Tejo Hostage!


Today’s episode begins with Aman as he starts acting madly after hearing the police siren. He catches a girl and puts his gun at her. Tejo requests Aman to leave that small girl as she has an Asthma problem. The girl also struggles to take breathe and faints. Aman then leaves that girl and sends her out with a boy. Tejo’s family reach the same place where Tejo is. The cops ask Aman to surrender as they are around the academy. Aman says that he will kill everyone who is here. Tejo asks the cops to go from there. Aman also asks them to call Fateh first then only he will come out.


Fateh reaches the academy and is about to go inside the academy but the cops stop him telling him that Aman has a gun. Jasmin also reaches the academy. Tejo asks Aman to leave to the others when he has problems with her. Aman allows to let everyone go but he didn’t release Tejo. One student came out and tells everyone that Aman is very dangerous and asks the cops to save Tejo from him. Fateh gets worried hearing him and rushes to the academy and enters from the back entrance. Tejo tries to make Aman understand that he is wrong and he should not do all this.

She says to him that she will decrease his punishment by appealing to the police. Aman also gets convinced with her talks and gets ready to give the gun to Tejo. Meanwhile, the police enter the room forcefully. Tejo asks them not to take any action. Aman shoot worriedly and the bullets hit Tejo’s arm and she falls down. Fateh stands stunned hearing shoot sound. He immediately comes to the classroom. He picks Tejo in his arms and takes her out from the academy. The whole family gets shocked seeing Tejo’s condition and Jasmine as well.


Everyone reaches the hospital and admits Tejo there. Fateh cries recalling Tejo’s words. The doctor comes out and Fateh questions him about Tejo. The doctor says that Tejo is fine now as the bullet touches only her arm, she faints because of shock. The doctor tells him that he can take her after an hour. Fateh meets Tejo who is unconscious. He cries holding her hands. Tejo regains her consciousness and says that she is absolutely fine. He hugs Tejo. They both return home and everyone cares for her. Fateh blames himself for everything and apologizes to her. Jasmine gets worried when Fateh ignores her message and thinks what if Fateh and Tejo come close after this incident. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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