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Udaariyaan, 18th October 2021, Written Episode Update, Tejo Gets Abducted & Tortured By Jass


Udaariyaan, 18th October 2021, Written Episode Update: Today’s episode commences with Jasmine as she says to Fateh that she won’t do worship with Tejo and goes from there in anger. Here, Virk’s family decides to go out for the Dusshera celebration with Candy as it is their first festival with him. Jasmine returns home and sees everyone laughing. Khushbeer says they will go out once Tejo and Fateh come back home. Gurpreet asks why has Tejo gone to the academy. Khushbeer reveals that Tejo is the boss of the academy as it was the investors’ condition. There, Fateh says thanks to Tejo for always being there for him after whatever happened. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Biji says what’s wrong in it I’d Tejo become the boss of the academy as they are still a married couple. Nimmo also says that they both took marriage vows around the holy fire. She makes fun of Jasmine and everyone laughs at it which pissed off Jasmine. Fateh says Tejo that he can’t run the academy without Tejo. She says that she is here only for the investors’ condition, not to support him. She adds that his family was in pain when he was in jail and she can’t see them in pain. She says that she only cares for the project due to which he came out of jail.

She doesn’t care about how he runs the academy with his partner. He asks him to make his wife understand not to create more problems now. Jasmine remembers Tejo and Nimmu’s words. Meanwhile, she notices Jass and says that now she will break Fateh and Tejo’s relationship. Here, Fateh asks Tejo to help him in academy work. She says that she always got hurt whenever she helped him. He says sorry to hurt her. He again asks her to help him as Jasmine does know anything about academy work.

Here, Jasmine enters Jass’s house secretly. Tejo says to Fateh to stop using her. He always used her whenever he needs her. She adds that earlier he needs her as he was heartbroken and now he needs her for his academy. She says too many things to him and leaves. Jass catches Jasmine and threatened her by keeping a knife around her neck. She gets scared but then convinces him saying that she has come for his benefit. She explains to him everything that how she hates Tejo. He convinces him to take revenge on Tejo and join hands with her.

Here, everyone comes to see Ram Leela. The effigy of Ravan is put on fire. Meanwhile, Jass will be seen playing Dhol. After that, Jass comes in front of Tejo who gets stunned seeing him. She sees Fateh and is about to call him by ut Jass closes her mouth. He takes him aside and hurts her with a knife. Will Fateh be able to save Tejo from Jass? To know this, watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm.

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