Udaariyaan 18th March 2022 full episode written update: Tejo asks Jasmine to tell all the truth to Amrik: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he says to Tejo that he could give these earrings in front of her family if Rupi was not angry at him. Tejo tells him that he is furious at him and can’t trust him again. Fateh says that he is right at his place but also hopes that he will forgive just like he forgave Jasmine. Tejo says that one-day Rupi will forgive him until then they can love each other but can’t marry. Fateh says that he has to get Rupi’s forgiveness as he loves her a lot and can’t live without her. She says she too. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Fateh says he will do anything possible to convince Rupi. He adds that there should not be any secret between them as well. Tejo feels guilty as she is hiding Jasmine’s truth and wonders how to tell him the truth. Here, Jasmine recalls Tejo’s words and thinks whether Amrik will forgive her after knowing the truth. She says that Tejo was right, Amrik feels for her. Tejo gets into the house secretly, meanwhile, Rupi switches on the lights. Tejo asks why didn’t he sleep. He says that how can he sleep until she came home.

Tejo gets concerned about Rupi and covered him with a shawl saying that he can get caught with a cold. She tells him that Fateh dropped her at the house. Rupi recalls the past and gets angry. He asks if she didn’t learn a lesson from previous incidents Tejo says that she understands his concern but she loves Fateh and can’t forget him. She says that she won’t marry someone whom she doesn’t love. Fateh is thinking about how to convince Rupi to recall Tejo’s words. Tejo says that she will never do anything to hurt him and it’s her promise.

The next day, both families go to Gurudwara. Amrik helps Jasmine in walking. Gurpreet sees them and wishes for them that they both always stay together while also prays for Fateh and Tejo to be united. Rupi gets angry seeing Tejo and Fateh who were speaking through gestures. Ahead, Tejo motivates Jasmine to tell the truth to Amrik.

After some time, Jasmine reveals the truth to Amrik. He gets shocked first then shouts at Jasmine. The whole family gathers and is left stunned knowing the truth. Fateh says that he has told Tejo not to believe in her. Amrik asks her to leave the house right now. Amrik says from now on she is not his wife anymore. Fateh meets Rupi on his way whose bike broke down. He offers him a lift but he refuses to take it. Watch the full episode of Udaariyaan on Colors at 7 Pm.


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