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Udaariyaan 18th December 2021 full episode written update: Mr. Sharma got attacked


Udaariyaan 18th December 2021 full episode written update: Mr. Sharma got attacked: Today’s episode starts with Angad as he is dancing with Tejo. Jasmine comes out of the car and hears Fateh. She turns and says his name. She goes to him but the guard stops her and tells her that the party is inside. She collides with Taniya and says sorry to her. Tanya wonders who is she? Jasmine lies to her and goes from there. Tejo says to Riya that they are coming soon. Fateh sees them and hides. He notices Angad who is helping Tejo.  They both leave the place. Jasmine tries to find out about Angad. She calls a man and tells him that they have to meet now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He sends her the address. She says that now she will meet him. Here, RR Sharma faints at the party. Fateh rushes to him and presses his chest. Tejo’s zip opens and her shoulder falls a little. She thinks to cut it but then she decides not to cut it as Angad gifted her with love. She comes out and  Angad questions her what’s the matter. She says nothing. He says to her that he will help her after guessing it. He helps her with zipping. She feels nervous as he comes close to her. He opens it. She feels strange.

Later, he makes her wear his coat. Fateh is in hospital and standing outside of the operation theatre. He thinks what if Angad comes there with Tejo and they see him. Jasmine meets a man and pours the whiskey on him intentionally as someone is clicking their picture. Fateh says that they are his partners. The doctor comes out and tells Taniya that RR Sharma is alright. He also appreciates Fateh. Taniya cries and says thanks to Fateh. Sharma also says thanks to him when he goes to meet him. He asks him not to leave him ever.

Jasmine reaches Angad’s house and jumps down the wall. She sees them and notices that they are playing happily.  Sharma says to Fateh that he is not able to see him leaving and tells him to promise him that he will never leave him. Fateh promises him. Fateh is thinking about Angad and Tejo. Jasmine hides. Sharma says that Fateh is not a driver anymore. Fateh lies his name. Jasmine thinks to check the house to know about Fateh. He finds nothing and thinks where is Fateh. Angad comes to meet Sharma who says that he will be fine soon. He asks him to come with Tejo. His car is damaged. Taniya sends Fateh. Angad sees Fateh and tries to stop the car. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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