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Udaariyaan, 18th August 2021, Written Episode Update, Jasmine In A Tough Spot!


Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she enters Simran’s house worriedly and tells her that a guy kidnapped Candy. She says to Simran that they should go to the police. Simran tries to stop, meanwhile, Buzo comes there with Candy. Tejo gets stunned to see him. Here, Fateh is spending time with Jasmine and also shares his problems with her. He says that Tejo has started doubting him. Jasmine asks him not to think about Tejo as she will handle her. Tejo says to Buzo that doesn’t he think that he is deceiving Fateh doing all this. He says that he loves Simran.


Simran also says that she feels the same for Buzo. Jasmine says to Fateh that now he should tell the truth to Tejo about their relationship. Fateh says that how can he hurt Tejo. Fateh suddenly faints thinks about Tejo and Jasmine’s words. Tejo says to Buzo and Simran that they should tell the truth to the family. They will get mad at them first but then will accept their relationship. They agree but asks her not to reveal now. Jasmine gets worried seeing Fateh’s condition. She thinks to call Amrik but didn’t call him thinking he can’t expose her and Fateh’s relationship.

Jasmine tries to stop the cars for life and also asks for help but no one stops. After some time, Nimmu stops her car and asks her what is she doing here. Jasmine says to her that she will tell her later. They both take her to the hospital. Tejo also reaches the hospital and looks for Fateh. She gets shocked to see Jasmine there. Jasmine diverts the topic when Tejo asks her what is she doing there. Tejo feels worried for Fateh. The doctor informs about Fateh’s health, he says that there is no need to take the stress and he is fine now.


Tejo then goes to meet Fateh and gets mad at him saying that he is not taking care of himself. Fateh gets stunned seeing Tejo coming towards him. Nimmu says that Tejo doesn’t take care of her husband. Then She asks Fateh and Jasmine that what were they doing together outside the village which shocks both. Tejo then asks Nimmu and Jasmine not to tell anyone about whatever happened. At home, Tejo takes care of Fateh but they get into an argument. Fateh says that he doesn’t want to see her face, Tejo also says that something happens that they both don’t get to see each other’s faces. The next day, Tejo gets into trouble as the guy puts his gun at her. You can catch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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