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Udaariyaan, 17th June 2021, Written Update, Today’s Episode, Tejo Takes Away Breakfast From Fateh!


Good afternoon beloved readers, are you ready to know the next written update of the upcoming episode of daily soap “Udaariyan” on 17th June 2021. The serial is already on the top list priority of the audiences due to its intense storyline which makes it different from others. The three main characters Tejo, Fateh, and Jasmine lives are entangled together just only because of Jasmine’s insistence. Now let’s see what new we will find in the upcoming episode, in today’s episode the viewers will see for the first time Fateh is very much happy with Tejo and even he disconnects the call of Jasmine to play the game with Tejo.


Tejo and Fateh are very happy after playing the game and laugh a lot together for the first time after their marriage. On the other side, Jasmine is very much annoyed and says Fateh did not do the right thing by disconnecting my call he will soon realize his mistake, and Jasmine’s friend says you said that Fateh can’t forget you but see he is disconnecting your call. Jasmine gets angrier after hearing this and thinks have Fateh forgotten me slowly and if this is happening then I will not let it happen.

Jasmine thinks that she will not let Fateh forget about his wound so that he will never forget Jasmine and says now I will wait and watch that how Fateh will forget me and on the other side, Fateh gets upset when he receives the call of Jasmine and Tejo notices his expression and thinks he was so happy right now and playing the game but suddenly he gets upset and I know the reason is Jasmine.

Fateh is upset because of the calls of Jasmine and then he gets up and leaves and Jasmine’s father says I have decided that Jasmine will not be going to live here anymore and now I am sending her somewhere far away. The rest of the family members asks where are you thinking of sending her and in this reply he says I will send her anywhere but I will not let her stay here. If needed, I will make arrangements for Canada but she will no longer be here.

On the other side, Jasmine thinks I will not leave this house otherwise Fateh will forget about me and even Tejo’s father wants that Jasmine walks away from both of these lives as if Jasmine will live here Tejo and Fateh will never be together. Jasmine is lost in her own thoughts and feels like Fateh is going away from him. Jasmine goes to Fateh and tries to make him remember that he loves her a lot but guys this time Fateh will not come in her words because he has understood very well who supported him in bad times. The episode ends here to watch this episode of “Udaariyan” on the colors channel at 7:00 PM and stay tuned with us.

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