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Udaariyaan, 17th July 2021, Written Update, Swaroop Tells Jasmine’S Plan To Tejo!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he is thinking about Jasmine’s words while doing the academy’s work. He thinks how Jasmine made him remember his promises. He feels angry. Here, Satti tells Jasmine that Gippi’s parents are ready for her and Gippi’s marriage. Satti hugs Jasmine. Jasmine also acts to be happy. Fateh hits the tire angrily. Buzo comes to him and asks him if he is fine or not. Fateh says that he is fine and everything is going well between him and Tejo. He tells Buzo that Jasmine is the one who is troubling him.


Buzo says that he thought now he has no feelings for Jasmine. Fateh says that he felt the same. On the other hand, Sukhmini asks Lovely about Saurabh. Lovely says that she doesn’t have any idea. Dilraj says maybe she went to Tejo as he heard the conversation between him and Tejo. Jasmine gets stunned hearing this. She comes to her room and says that her aunt will not let her live peacefully. Jasmine decides to meet Jasmine but then thinks about what will he talk to her about. Saurabh and Tejo meet with each other and Saurabh says that she needs to talk to her.


Tejo thinks about what she wants to talk about. Tejo asks her the matter. Saurabh tells her everything and Jasmine gets stunned hearing her. Here, Fateh says to Buzo that Jasmine is trying to avoid him and he is not able to bear all this. Buzo asks him to focus on her married life. Fateh says that he is doing the same but Jasmine’s acts are creating difficulties. There, Tejo is discussing the matter with Tejo and refuses to believe in her words. She says to her that she is getting wrong. Saurabh says that she is sure about everything that Jasmine is using her and Gippi to get Fateh back.

Tejo says that Jasmine likes him but Saurabh says that she is lying. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words. She says to Tejo that Fateh has moved on in her life. Jasmine asks her friend to come home over the phone. Fateh says that Tejo thinks that he is free from Jasmine’s memories but this is not true, he becomes addicted to her. Buzo suggests Fateh talk to Tejo about all this but he denies it. Then Buzo asks him to spend more time with Tejo so that it will help him to forget Jasmine. He agrees. Saurabh tells Tejo to be careful about Jasmine. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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