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Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Tejo and Angad closeness makes Fateh Jealous


Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Tejo and Angad closeness makes Fateh Jealous: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he congratulates Tejo who says thanks to him. He says that everything has happened so fast. Tejo says yes. Tejo says sorry to him as her engagement is in the same venue but it was her Khushbeer’s wish. He asks her not to be sorry. He says that he is happy at least his family will attend his marriage. Fateh is about to leave but Tejo stops him and gives him sweets. Fateh takes it and leaves. Angad comes there and sees Fateh leaving and Tejo who is recalling Fateh holding his gloves.  Angad comes to her and tells her that Khushbeer invited him for the dinner. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo says yes, they want to meet him. Angad cracks a joke saying that her family needs a magnifying glass to check him if he is the right person for their Tejo. Tejo laughs and Khushbeer is enough for that. Angad says that he needs to impress his in-laws. Tejo asks if he is taking this drama so seriously. Angad says that he does all his work perfectly. Angad asks her for a long drive. Tejo reminisces about her long drive with Fateh. Here, Jasmine is feeling bad as Tejo’s engagement is going to happen in her wedding venue. Fateh tries to cheer her up.

He says to her that their families are going to attend their marriage, it will be so much fun. Jasmine agrees and says what about arrangements as Khushbeer is taking care of it. Fateh says that everything will be the best done by Khushbeer. Fateh says that they will use their saving for Canada. Jasmine gets happy hearing him. Fateh tells her to invite all her friends, now their parents won’t stop them. Jasmine hugs him happily. Here, Tejo agrees to the long drive. Angad tells her that he doesn’t like to fail. Tejo says that she won’t let him fail.

Angad asks if she is okay with the dinner. He asks her if she has any problem so he can cancel the dinner. Tejo refuses and thanks to him for caring for her. Virk gets ready to welcome Tejo and Angad and also do some arrangements. After some time, Tejo and Angad reach there, Tejo welcomes them. Does Jasmine say that today she will get to know how Angad stole her sister’s heart? Angad taunts Jasmine. Fateh requests Jasmine to not create any kind of drama.

Angad meets the family members. Simran wishes them for their engagement and asks them to get married soon. Khushbeer asks him if he talked to his family. He says yes and her grandmother wants to talk to Tejo. Angad holds Tejo’s hand and Fateh feels bad seeing this. Tejo notices Fateh who is sad. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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