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Udaariyaan, 16th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Fateh Calls Tejo Best Life Partner!


Bonjour readers, once again we are back with the next written update of the serial “Udaariyaan” of 16th July 2021. The dramatization of the serial is quite astonishing to watch and successfully gathering the attention from the side of out lookers. As the viewers watched in the previous episode that Fateh is currently dealing with a hard feeling as on the one side he is feeling jealous after watching Jasmine with Gippy but at the same time, he also thinking about Tejo. Jasmine is repeatedly defeating Fateh in her stubbornness and she feels that by doing so, Fateh will be drawn towards her.


In the upcoming sequential, the viewers will watch that Dadi asks Chotu where is Mami? Chotu says She must have gone to meet Tejo didi as she is talking to her and says she wants to meet her. Jasmine overhears the conversation of Chotu and she gets afraid with the thought that Mami will surely tell the truth to Tejo and all the plans made by me will flop.

On the other side, Tejo is in a good mood as her relationship with Fateh is going well and they both are getting close to each other. Now their relationship has now gone beyond friendship or we can say it is the beginning of love. Mami stands at Tejo’s door and rings the bell and Tejo opens the door. Mami says how are you and Tejo gets happy seeing her and says Mami you are here and I am good and she welcomes her.

Mami takes Tejo to the terrace and says I want to talk to you about something important and Tejo asks about what and Mami says it is related to Jasmine. Tejo says tell me Mami, on the other side, Jasmine is very much worried about the thought that Mami will tell her plan to Tejo and her plan will surely be ruined. Mami says Tejo No one else is deceiving you, your own sister Jasmine, and all this is her drama, marriage, etc. She is holding a gun to Gippy’s shoulder so that she can achieve Fateh.

Tejo gets stunned and could not understand what to do now, on the other side, Jasmine is worried and thinks by now Tejo must have known everything. Mami tells her the entire plan of Jasmine and says she started making this plan only when she had come to live in Mama’s house. Tejo says what are you saying Mami and Mami say I am saying right and I don’t want that your house will be destroyed or distance came between you and Fateh and that’s why I am telling you the truth and Jasmine is intentionally ruining your life. The sequence ends here; I hope you liked the written update of today’s episode. Stay connected with Getindianews for more such updates and watch this episode of “Udaariyan” on the colors channel at 7:00 PM.

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