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Udaariyaan, 15th October 2021, Written Update, Fateh in jail due to Tejo and Jasmine’s fight


Udaariyaan, 15th October 2021, Written Update: Today’s episode begins with the police inspector as he asks Tejo to come out of the cell as all the charges are removed on her. She asks if the investors have withdrawn the case. He says no but someone has taken all charges on himself. Tejo gets shocked seeing Fateh handcuffed. Tejo asks him why he did this when she didn’t ask him to do it. Fateh says that she is innocent and if didn’t do this then he would have died of guilt. He says that it proved that she is not his partner in the academy but Jasmine is. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo says that Virk’s family has already facing humiliation, Khushbeer is not well. Fateh says that she is still Virk’s daughter-in-law and he is her culprit. She looks at him. Fateh enters the lock-up. She leaves. Tejo’s brother informs everyone that Fateh has taken all blame on himself. Jasmine argues with the lawyer. Abhiraj stops her saying Fateh has done the right thing. Jasmine argues with Tejo and asks her how and why she sent Fateh to jail. Khushbeer stops her and asks Fateh is paying for his mistakes. Simran and Gurpreet ask Tejo to save Fateh. Tejo says that whatever happened is because of Jasmine as she didn’t check the accounts and clear bills.

Jasmine says that Tejo could have helped her as she knows she doesn’t know anything about accounts but she didn’t. Tejo leaves from there saying she can’t helo Fateh and sorry to everyone. Jasmine gets shattered hearing Fateh’s words. The lawyer tells everyone that now Fateh can release only when they return their money. Everyone gets shocked to know that they have to return one crore fifteen thousand rupees. Jasmine goes to Fateh and tells him that why he did this and now how will get their visas. Fateh says to him that she only cares for visas.

Jasmine changes the topic telling him what the lawyer said. He says that he will find some way. Khushbeer decides to mortgage the house but Tejo stops him. She says that they will make a presentation to convince the investors. Khushbeer says that they won’t get ready for this. Tejo asks him to let her try once. In the police station, Jasmine notices Jazz and his mother. She thinks to use Jazz for her benefit. Here, Tejo tells Khushbeer that the investors are ready to talk. The next day, Tejo says that she is going to meet the investors and asks the family members to pray to God that they agree to work with them. After meeting, Tejo goes to meet Fateh and shows him a file stating this is their academy’s condition at this time. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM

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