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Udaariyaan 15th November 2021 full episode written update: Jasmine Predicts Future


Udaariyaan 15th November 2021 full episode written update: Jasmine Predicts Future: Today’s episode commences with Khushbeer as he meets Angad along with Rupi. Khushbeer says that they have brought an alliance for him. Angad asks whose alliance? Angad remembers a flashback that shows Tejo asking Angad for help her. She asks him for fake marriage with her so that both families give their blessings to Fateh and Jasmine. Angad asks her what’s the need to sacrifice for others. She says that she is like that only since her childhood. She adds that she can’t see anyone hurt or sad especially when it’s about family. Angad asks even though they hurt her a lot. She says that she wants her family to attend Fateh and Jasmine’s marriage and bless them. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


She adds that she has to do this drama for Fateh and Jasmine’s sake. Angad asks how will she finish all this. She says that they will only do engagement and once, Jasmine and Fateh got married, they will make any excuse to end this. Angad asks if he didn’t deny later then. Tejo tells him that his acting is good and asks him to convince her father like this only. Flashback ends. Here, Gurpreet comes home thinking about Tejo’s words. She wonders if Angad agrees to marry Tejo. She is lost in thoughts and falls down.

Mahi and Fateh rush to her and ask what happened to her. She goes to her room saying that she needs to change. On the other hand, Sandhu is hoping that Angad gets agrees to the marriage. Rupi and Khushbeer come home and everyone asks them what Angad said. They tell them that they tried to convince him but he didn’t listen to them. Satti asks what he said. Tejo asks her to leave it and they should not force him. Later, Khushbeer and Rupi laugh and recall a flashback in which Angad agrees to marry Tejo.

Everyone congratulates Tejo. Satti hugs her. Tejo thinks now, everything will be alright. After some time, Fateh hears someone talking about Angad’s engagement, he thinks if Tejo and Angad are getting engaged. Later, Virks are discussing Tejo’s engagement with Angad. Meanwhile, Fateh and Jasmine come there and gets to know that Angad and Tejo are getting engaged on the same day of their marriage and the same venue.

Simran tells them about Tejo’s condition. Jasmine gets angry knowing all this. She thinks why Tejo decided to get engaged in the same venue if she wants to snatch Fateh from her. The next day, Angad behaves like a would-be fiance with Tejo. Tejo asks if he is taking this drama so seriously. He says that he gives a hundred percent in all his work. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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