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Udaariyaan, 15th June 2021, full episode, written update, Tejo Breaks Fateh-Jasmine’s Photo By Mistake!


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he enters his room and feels angry remembering Jasmine’s words. Tejo also reprimands Fateh for his bad behavior in front of Jasmine. She asks him why didn’t he have Pakoras? Fateh feels irritated and asks Tejo what she needs. Tejo says to her that he should not behave like that in front of Jasmine. Fateh says to her that he wanted to teach a lesson to Jasmine. She warns him to use her in all this. Fateh gets angry hearing him. She goes from there to warn him again. Satti says to Rupi and Sukhmini that she said Tejo everything will be fine soon between Fateh and her.


Jasmine enters the house and says that it won’t happen. all Family members get stunned. Satti asks her how she came outside the room. She says that she came out of the room using windows. He asks the reason why she had gone to Fateh’s house. Jasmine says to everyone that Fateh has still feeling for her so he won’t accept Tejo as his wife. Jasmine reminisces when Fateh holds Tejo, she feels angry. Rupi asks Jasmine not to show her face to her. Here, Veer goes to the temple. Family members tell Fateh and Tejo to take care of each other. Everyone leaves.

Tejo asks Fateh if he needs anything for breakfast. Fateh tells Tejo not to behave like a wife. She gets angry and goes to her room to clean it. Fateh opens the fridge to take something for breakfast but finds it empty. Gurmeet says that she knowingly left the fridge empty so that Fateh asks Tejo to prepare food. Here, Tejo drops the photo frame of Jasmine and Fateh while cleaning the room. Fateh comes there and gets angry at her. He says that he had only this photo frame to remember Jasmine. He accused her of breaking the frame knowingly.

Tejo says to him that she will fix it After that, Tejo remembers her days in her father’s house. She says that today, she doesn’t have anyone with her but when she was at her father’s house how happy she was. Dilraj comes to Jasmine with food and asks her to have it but she refuses and says that she will eat food with everyone otherwise will not have the food. On the other side, Tejo is waiting for Fateh and he comes home holding an alcohol bottle in his hands which shocks Tejo. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyan” on Colors at 7 PM. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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