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Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 full episode written update: Tejo & Fateh Misses each other


Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 full episode written update: Tejo & Fateh Misses each other: Today’s episode starts with RR Sharma as he meets Angad who introduces Tejo to him. Sharma praises Angad who also compliments him. He says to her that he is a diamond and talks about Fateh and how he returned his purse and then he asked him to work for him as a driver but he said that first, he will talk with his boss. Fateh comes there and again Tejo feels weird. RR Sharma goes to Fateh and greets him. He questions whether he is ready to accept his offer. Fateh agrees. he tells his assistant to show him his room. Later, he invites Tejo and Angad to the engagement of his niece. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Here, Fateh is cleaning the car and Tejo comes there, she wipes her hands. A handkerchief falls down. He takes it and cleans his face. He turns to see her but no one was there, he thinks why he is feeling this way. He again starts cleaning the car. RR Sharma and Angad enjoy. RR Sharma invites Tejo and Angad for her his niece’s engagement. A woman comes to Fateh and gets lost seeing Fateh shirtless. She touches him. He stammers and tries to stop her. She says that he is so hot but why clean the car.

She receives a call from someone and goes inside telling Fateh that she will like to meet him. She asks RR if he is his driver. He says yes, she asks whether she can take him. He agrees. Angad asks Tejo why is she restless. She says that now she is feeling uneasy doing act as his fiancee. Angad laughs. Fateh talks to his friend on a video call. He says to him that he is missing everyone very much. He sees Simran as she comes to his friend. She says to his friend that everyone has broken because of Fateh.

He has broken from inside. He later sees his mother and broke down into tears. Simran says that Gurpreet is doing all this pooja only for Fateh and his happiness. She says that Gurpreet wants to meet him but he has forgotten everyone. Fateh gets worried when he sees Gurpreet is about to fall and shout Momma. Simran feels that she heard Fateh’s voice. His friend covers the phone. Fateh regrets his doings. Tejo is in her room and thinking about Fateh. She says that she is not able to forget anything. Fateh says that it heals his pain when he remembers Tejo. Later, Fateh comes to Angad’s house taking a box and Tejo sees him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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