Today’s episode commences with Fateh as he takes Jasmine from Tejo’s room. Later, Tejo enters the room and recalls Rupi’s words when he asked her to fight for her rights. Jasmine then comes to her room with Fateh and starts arguing with him. She says that the room belongs to her in which Tejo is staying right now. She says if he has seen how was she staring at her like she is challenging her. Fateh asks her to stop as she is the only one who started the fight with Tejo, he saw her spoiling the wall. He asks her not to fight with Tejo until they are here.


Fateh tries to make her understand saying that Tejo is not going to stay in this house forever, she has come only for Biji. He adds that they are also not going to stay in this house, they will go in some times. So, till they are here, don’t try to fight Tejo or anyone else. He asks her to do things to impress his family. She says but they don’t even talk to her. Fateh says that Tejo did hard work to impress them so she should also try. He hugs her and leaves.

Jasmine comes to Biji’s room and notices Tejo is caring for her. She overhears Biji is saying to Tejo that she wants to have something cold so she goes to bring a cold drink. She brings a cold drink for Biji but she denies it. Gurpreet says to Jasmine if she doesn’t even know that the patient is not allowed to have a cold drink. Tejo comes there with Biji’s favorite juice. Gurpreet praises her. Fateh comes to the room where he used to stay. He comes to take his nightclothes but fails to find them. Tejo comes and gives it to him.

Later, Jasmine says to Fateh that she will bring all his clothes to the guestroom so that he doesn’t need to go there. The next morning, Fateh says to Tejo if she has come for Biji then why is she trying to mess with Jasmine. Why is she attempting to show that she only knows him and has rights over him? She says to him excuse me, she doesn’t have a place for liars and deceivers in her life. Ahead, he comes with divorce papers and gives them to her. He says to her that if she means with her words then signs it. Everyone gets shocked seeing all this. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.


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