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Udaariyaan 12th June 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Relief To See Tejo Back!


The episode begins with Jasmine comes to Fateh’s home for her passport and Teju on the other hand is getting worried as she doesn’t want to see her inside the house. Because her entry may cause problems for the family. Teju tries to stop her to but she doesn’t listen to her and goes to Fateh to ask him about her passport.


After this Fateh goes so angry at her and he comes out with the passport and gives I to Jasmine. Both are so emotional and hurt also. When Fateh handed over the passport to her he uses to tell her that I have forgotten everything about her. Jasmine and Fathe both have tearsĀ in their eyes. Fateh tells her to leave his life ever and ever and never try to come back in my life again. Jasmine gets offended by his words and he even taunts he for what she used to did with him.

Later Jasmine gets so hurt and he wonders that at any cost she will get back to his life. She thinks that “she will not let him live with Teju and make him love her again.” Jasmine will go to get him back in her life at any cost. On the other side if we talk about Fathe he will be seen as hate, Jasmine. Fateh warns Jamisne yo nit to talk home and meet her ever again.

Whereas we all know about Jasmine’s nature that she is a stubborn girl, who going to try her best to get back Fathe in her life. As we can see that she is regretting her decision. Whereas the question is whether Fateh will accept Jasmine in her life again. On the other hand, Teju is against upset about whatever going on in her life, She is struggling a lot to make herself worthy in Fathe’s life. The episode is gonna be jammed up with a lot of issues for Teju. Watch the full episode on colors tv. Stay tuned to us.

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