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Udaariyaan 11th September 2021 Full Episode Written Update: Jasmine Walking Alone On Road & Crying


Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he is about to leave the house holding Jasmine’s hand. Meanwhile, Gurpreet stops him and goes to them. She separates their hands. Gurpreet says that Jasmine will only leave, not Fateh. Khushbeer says that Fateh has to leave the house. Nimmo reprimands Jasmine saying bad about her. Jasmine is about to leave but Fateh holds her hand. Jasmine frees her hand and leaves. Gurpreet warns Fateh stating if he will go with Jasmine, he will see her die. Fateh says that he knows he did wrong with Tejo but Jasmine is alone at this time. Fateh’s grandfather and Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to let him go.


Here, Jasmine is walking on the road alone crying. Tejo is with her mother and crying. Rupi comes there with milk and asks her to have it. On the other hand, Fateh says to his family that Tejo is with her family now and they are taking care of her but Jasmine has no one. He asks his mother to let him go. He frees his hand from his mother’s grip. Khushbeer says to Gurpreet now she will see her son how he really is. Here, recalls all her childhood moments with Jasmine.

She says that he has to get hurt always because of Jasmine. Tejo and Fateh’s photo frame falls down due to heavy wind. Tejo gets teary seeing this. She then sees her bangles and reminisces how Jasmine asks her to wear her bangles. She removes her bangles and cries. Her parents also cry seeing her condition. Rupi gets a call from Jasmine and scolds her for her doings. Jasmine walks on the road alone remembering Rupi’s words. She notices a truck is coming towards her but before she acts something, the car hits her.

Fateh comes to find her and notices Jasmine’s shawl on the truck then hears some people are talking about the accident. He immediately rushes there and sees Jasmine lying on the road. Later, Khushbeer comes to Sandhu’s house. Rupi asks him to leave him alone. Tejo comes out to meet him. Khushbeer asks her to return to the house as his daughter. He tells her that he threw them out who troubled her. Tejo says sorry to him and says that she can’t come. Dadi asks him not to force Tejo. Khushbeer agrees and leaves saying he will wait for Tejo. Fateh comes home with Jasmine holding her in his arms. Khushbeer asks him to leave. Dadi will get a heart attack so Tejo returns home. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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