Udaariyaan, 11th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Amrik made jasmine hair: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she asks Angad to follow the man on the bike. Fateh notices Tejo and Angad are going away in the car and gets jealous. He feels bad recalling Angad’s words and the moments of Angad and Tejo. Satti comes to Fateh and greets him. She questions if Jasmine is fine. Fateh says that he just came and tells her to go in. Fateh thinks about why Tejo has gone with Angad. In the car, Angad asks Tejo who is the guy.  Tejo says that she has no idea but she saw him outside of the ICU ever since Jasmine’s condition gets worsened. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


She thinks that she wants to harm Jasmine. Jasmine remembers Tara’s threat and gets afraid. Satti comes to Jasmine and gets worried seeing her breathing heavily. She calls out the doctor. Tejo tells Angad that they have to catch him. She wants to know who is he and what she wants. Tara stops at the traffic signal. Tejo comes out of the car to catch him despite Angad attempting to stop her. However, the signal lights turn green and Tara leaves. Tejo sits in the car and they follow him. Here, Fateh attempts to call Tejo but he feels nervous if she didn’t pick up his call.

Jasmine tells Satti to call Tejo and asks where is she. The doctor comes to check her immediately. Angad and Fateh see Tara stopping near the house. Tejo recalls that this is Tara’s wife’s house where she visited with Fateh that day. The doctor says that Jasmine is fine and now they can discharge her the next day. Jasmine thinks Tara will not be able to come to her house. Fateh wonders that Tejo came to meet Fateh then why she went out with Angad. Here, Tara traps Tejo and Angad and places a knife around her neck.

Later, Angad and Tejo overpower Tara. They ask him about Jasmine. He says that they should question Jasmine about the same.  She will give him money. He reveals the whole plan of Jasmine regarding the death certificate. Tara tells them that the accident was fake and she asked him to act as he died. Tara confirms that no one has died.

Here, Amrik is taking care of Jasmine who cries remembering how she tortured Amrik. Angad says that he will be imprisoned for his actions. Tara says that Jasmine will also get imprisoned. Angad agrees. but Tejo says that they can’t get her imprisoned. Tejo meets Jasmine and says to her that she wants to talk to her. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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