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Udaariyaan, 11th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Tejo ignores Fateh’s flowers


Udaariyaan, 11th January 2022, Written Episode Update: Tejo ignores Fateh’s flowers: Today’s episode begins with Khushbeer as he is talking to a man angrily. He says that he doesn’t want to celebrate the Lohri celebration. That person says that he was an MLA and if he won’t attend the festival, everyone will talk about him. Meanwhile, Simran’s son Candy comes to him and says that he never celebrated Lohri so far. Khushbeer calms herself down and gets ready to attend the Lohri function. Candy gets happy and hugs Khushbeer. Tejo’s brother gives her a  dress and asks her to wear it at the function. She says thanks to him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Fateh says to Simran that it is her favorite dress and Buzzo’s family will like her. She asks him whether Buzzo’s family will accept a girl like her. He asks her not to think too much. Jasmine asks her friend if the earring suits her. Her friend asks her where she is going to wear this. She says to her that it’s the Lohri festival today, how can she miss it? She asks if she is going to attend her family function. She refuses. Jasmine’s friend asks her to have some shame. She says that everyone hates her and she is going to attend the function after whatever she did.

Here, Fateh is helping his mother in the kitchen and cracks jokes. His mother feels happy seeing him elated. She wishes that he always stay happy like this. Jasmine’s friend says that she is feeling that something is going to happen for sure. Jasmine will create any scene over there. Jasmine asks her to calm down as Fateh and Tejo need to be afraid of her move, not her. Buzzo says to Fateh that everything is happening according to their plan.  Fateh thinks that everything will go like this and everything will be sorted then.


Jasmine’s friend asks her about her plan but she denies sharing it with her. There, the function starts. Buzzo gives sweets to Fateh. They both wait for the families. Tejo comes there with her family and Fateh and Tejo share an eye lock with each other. Tejo meets Virk. Khushbeer glares at Tejo’s family. Fateh then sends Simran to Buzzo’s family. She gives them sweets. Candy comes there but Buzzo handles the situation somehow.

Buzzo’s family praises Simran. The celebration starts and everyone dances. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and everyone stands stunned. Tejo questions her why is she there? Later, She humiliates both families. She says in front of everyone that the former MLA’s son cheated on her. He did a fake marriage with her. Satti tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen to her. Tejo shouts at her when she pushes Satti. Watch the latest episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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