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Udaariyaan, 11th February 2022, Written Update: Jasmin traps Fateh in new plan


Udaariyaan, 11th February 2022, Written Update: Jasmin traps Fateh in new plan: Today’s episode starts with Tejo as she recalls Khushbeer’s words. She takes outa Duppata and remembers Fateh covering it over him. Fateh passes from there and sees Tejo. She signs him to smile. Fateh thinks that she can’t trust Jasmine and decides to sleep on the couch so that he can protect her. They both lay looking at each other. Jasmine gets angry seeing this. She says that until she separates Tejo and Fateh, her revenge won’t be complete. The next morning,  Tejo is speaking to her mother over the phone call. Satti asks her if she had food. Tejo makes sure that no one will let her go without having breakfast. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Here, Nimmo and Gurpreet find that the kitchen is locked and think who did this. Jasmine comes there and says that it is their punishment as Tejo crossed the line yesterday. Tejo comes there as she heard Jasmine’s shout. Jasmine says that they want Tejo to have breakfast but now, neither they will get food nor Tejo. She says that Tejo can make food at her side. Tejo says that their love will be increased with her these cheap acts. Jasmine goes from there saying that don’t try to order food online. Tejo comes to her room and feels frustrated.

She says that she has come to find something against her but she is troubling the Virk family because of her. Fateh gets to know about the kitchen matter. He says that he will get food from outside. Mahi says that Jasmine can trouble them. Tejo sees Jasmine on the terrace. Tejo calls Sweety and asks her for help. Sweety calls Jasmine and asks her to come shopping. Jasmine goes out and Tejo gives food to Virks which he brought from Sandhu’s house. Everyone eats food and says that they will clear everything so that Jasmine doesn’t get to know about this.


Candy hides a paratha to eat later. Later, Jasmine comes home and thinks to meet Candy to get him on her side. She goes to his room and gets shocked seeing Candy having paratha. She questions him and Candy tells her everything. Jasmine taunts Tejo for giving food to the Virk family. Jasmine asks Tejo to stay away from her. Jasmine asks Virks not to have any contact with Tejo else they won’t get food. Tejo and Fateh do a puppet show to make Candy happy. They narrate the story of two sisters(Tejo and Jasmine). Later, they both sleep wishing each other good night. The next day, Virks follows Jasmine’s order and Tejo feels bad seeing all this. Some ladies come to Virk’s house protesting against Fateh. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm

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