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Udaariyaan, 10th November 2021, Written Update, Fateh betray Jasmine and take revenge


Udaariyaan, 10th November 2021, Written Update, Fateh betray Jasmine and take revenge: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he is helping a student in punching. He reminisces about Tejo and Angad’s meeting. He gets distracted seeing Tejo there and hits the student. He asks Tejo why she came to the academy when she is not well. He asks her to have some rest and he will handle the academy’s work. Tejo tells her that she is fine now. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and tells Fateh that she wants to talk to him alone. Tejo goes. Jasmine shows her Shivani and asks which one he likes? Fateh asks her to choose herself as her choices are nice. She says right and tells him her choice. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Udaariyaan Written Update

She asks her to come home soon as they go shopping. Fateh agrees. Fateh then goes to Tejo and asks if Angad is coming. She says that she has no idea about it. She then tells him to prepare for his marriage. She will handle work with Angad. He says right and leaves. Fateh and Jasmine come home. Fateh informs Gurpreet that the priest is coming tomorrow. He says that they both are going to married soon. Nimmo taunts Jasmine. Gurpreet says that why is telling them all this. They won’t attend his marriage.

Fateh requests everyone to attend his marriage. Everyone Leaves. Fateh tells Simran to convince everyone. She leaves saying that he is doing the same mistake that she did. Jasmine thinks what if Fateh canceled the marriage because of family members. Tejo is in the academy and she sees a shadow. She thinks if he is Jass. He holds a cricket bat and when that man comes to her she attacks her. Tejo gets stunned when she sees he is Angad. She asks why he came like this. Angad if she has taken revenge on him as she fell sick because of her.

Here, the priest tells that Fateh and Jasmine can get married after 20 days. Rupi comes to meet Khushbeer and tells him that he was right that day. Tejo should get married. He says but they have to find details about the guy. Khushbeer asks if he found the guy. Rupi tells him about Angad. Khushbeer recalls them laughing together. Later, Tejo tells Virks that they should attend Fateh’s marriage. They ask if she will attend the marriage then they also attend. Khushbeer finds out details about Angad and finds him a good guy. He tells Rupi about it. Tejo and Angad meet in a park. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 Pm

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