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Udaariyaan 10th March 2022 written update full episode: Tejo makes Jasmine laugh


Udaariyaan 10th March 2022 written update full episode: Tejo makes Jasmine laugh: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she is searching for Tara. Fateh asks her whom she is looking for. Tejo says that she felt someone is seeing them outside of the ICU and she heard someone asking about Jasmine. Fateh says that he is worried for Jasmine that’s why she is imagining things. At Sandhu’s house, Dilraj says that they should celebrate Tejo’s birthday in their house. Rupi says that he doubts if Tejo will come to their house leaving Jasmine in that state. Dilraj says that Tejo promised them and will never break her promises. Rupi agrees with Dilraj. He makes a call to Tejo and asks about Jasmine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo tells him that she is fine and adds that she remembers her promise. After that, Tejo and Fateh are talking about Jasmine. Tejo says that Jasmine can have change of heart after seeing Amrik’s care for her. Tejo adds that they will talk to Jasmine once she will get well, maybe she will tell them the truth. Fateh says that now they need to find out to whom Jasmine gave money. Tara heard their conversation and decides to be careful with Fateh. At night, Fateh comes to Tejo’s room and does dressing of her wound. Tejo hugs him as she feels nervous.

Tejo gets Angad’s call and he tries to make her smile. Tejo smiles at her silly joke. Fateh feels jealous seeing this. She then says thanks to Fateh for taking care of her. He leaves. Biji says to Tejo that she is regretting that she cursed Jasmine. Mahi says that Jasmine must be doing the act. Biji asks Mahi to learn from Tejo how to love everyone. Tejo and Fateh hear Biji and Khushbeer’s conversation and get to know that the MLA seat has been given to someone else. Tejo says to Fateh that they should do something about this.

Tejo is taking care of Jasmine. The nurse asks her to go out for some time. Tejo goes to Amrik and tells him to have some rest. Tejo gets Buzzo’s call who tells him about searching for the person whom Jasmine gave money. Tejo says that she thinks that Jasmine will tell them the truth after getting well. Here, Tara meets Jasmine and asks her for money.


He says that he wants his money or else he will expose her in front of everyone. Jasmine’s condition gets worse and Tara runs from there. Tejo sees him and runs behind him. Angad comes there in his car and Tejo asks him to stock that person. Fateh sees them and goes to Jasmine, he asks her if she has any plan behind sending Tejo with Angad. Jasmine gets scared. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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