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Udaariyaan 10th June 2021 full episode written update: Jasmine And Tejo At Crossroads!


Today’s episode starts with Abhiraj as he informs the family members that Tejo hasn’t reach Fateh’s house yet. The whole gets stressed. Satti tells Abhiraj to make a call to his friends and asks them about Tejo. Gurmeet badmouths about Tejo. Nimmu says that what if Tejo ran away like her sister. Mahi stops them. Gurmeet says that they are just saying the truth. Beeji comes there and reprimands them. She says that Tejo must be sad because of their rude behavior towards her. Satti and Gurmeet reminisce Tejo’s words. Abhiraj informs everyone that Tejo’s friends didn’t know anything about her.


Satti prays that what if Tejo takes any wrong decision. Rupi says that his daughter is not weak. Fateh tells Nimmu to stay within her limit. Mahi tells Gurmeet to make a call to Khushbeer. Navraj informs everyone about Jasmine and Tejo’s fight. The family gets worried. Rupi also gets angry at Jasmine and asks how can Jasmine do this. Abhiraj calms Rupi down and tells him that they should search for Tejo first. Rupi goes from there to search for Tejo. Sukhmini tells Abhiraj that they should inform Fateh about what happened. Khushbeer notices Fateh who is having dinner.

He asks Fateh how can he so relax. He says that he very well knows that Tejo is fine. Abhirak tells Fateht that Rupi has gone to the hospital to search for Tejo. He tells him that his family is thinking that maybe Tejo met with an incident. Fateh and Abhiraj go to find her. Everyone searches for her. Meanwhile, Jasmine comes out of her room and asks for dinner. Satti and Harman scold her. Satti tells Jasmine didn’t found anywhere. Sukhmini says that this time, it will not be worth talking to Jasmine.

Abhiraj informs Fateh that Jasmine and Tejo fought with each other. Fateh angrily goes to Jasmine’s house and calls for her. She came out of her room. He scolds Jasmine. Jasmine says that Tejo is the one who is responsible for their separation. He says that how can she even think like that. Fateh gets angry hearing her words. He says that he will find Tejo as soon as possible. Jasmine gets hurt hearing him. She goes to her room and cries seeing the broken pieces of her and Tejo.

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