Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she hugs Fateh when he tells her that he is ready to meet Gippi. They both feel weird and Tejo is about to go but Fateh stops her and asks where is she going. Tejo says that she has to inform Jasmine about his decision so that she can fix his and Gippi’s meeting. Fateh says to her that there is no need for this as he will meet Gippi himself and will find his contact number from somewhere. Tejo gets happy hearing him. The next day, Jasmine reaches the college where her friend Sweety says to her that Tejo and Fateh look like a good couple.


Jasmine gets upset and says that Fateh loves her only. She notices Tejo’s car and asks her friend to do as she said. Then Jasmine goes to Tejo and talks to her. Meanwhile, Sweety comes to them and invites Jasmine to her birthday party then says she will be busy with Gippi. Jasmine starts acting as she is angry and sad. She reprimands Sweety and says don’t say those things about which she doesn’t know anything. Tejo asks why is she behaving like this. She replies that Gippi and she are talking to each other.

Jasmine asks Tejo to inform Satti about everything so that the family will not blame her. Tejo says that no need for all this as Fateh went to meet Gippi. Jasmine gets stunned and says what? Tejo asks her why is she reacting like this as she wanted this. Then Jasmine starts behaving normally. Jasmine thinks that she has to meet them or else Gippi will reveal everything to Fateh which is not good for her. She goes from there saying that she needs to attend her class. Here, Fateh and Gippi meet with each other in a restaurant.

Fateh asks Gippi that why he wanted to meet him. He says that he doesn’t want to meet him. They both start the conversation. Jasmine reaches the restaurant and sees Gippi and Fateh talking to each other. Gippi notices Jasmine and asks her to come. He says to her that Fateh praised her a lot then goes from there as he receives a call. Jasmine says to Fateh that why he praised her as he doesn’t like her at all and says that means he loves her. He says that he did this so that she get married soon asks her not to try to make him fool. Fateh explains everything to Tejo and gets a flashback in which Jasmine proposes to Gippi by sitting on her knees. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.


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