Udaariyaan 10th January 2022 full episode written update: Jasmin warns Fateh: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she comes to the class and greets the students. Tejo notices a rose and the letter on the table. In the note, she was asked to smile. Tejo asks the students who keep all this on the table. A student says to her that it was already there when they came to the class. Tejo thinks she knew who did this. Fateh thinks that the roses and the letter would put a smile on Tejo’s face.  Tejo cries and recalls Khushbeer and Fateh’s words. Then she remembers Fateh’s concern for her but also, Fateh and Jasmine’s dance and her divorce with Fateh. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Tejo says that she can’t trust Fateh again. Tejo throws the letter and rose and leaves saying the class is over. When the students leave the class, Fateh comes to the class and feels happy seeing the rose and the letter is not on the table then he gets sad when he sees them in the dustbin. Fateh says that it’s okay if Tejo threw the rose and the letter in the dustbin several times. Jasmine comes there and makes fun of Fateh. Fateh asks what is she doing there. She says that she used to study there and blames Tejo and Fateh for her condition. Fateh taunts her.

She says that she has a surprise for him and it’s good he scares of it. Jasmine gets a call and says that it is her lawyer’s call as he is involved in her plan. She leaves saying that he will like her surprise for sure. Fateh thinks about Jasmine’s plan. He decides to find out everything before Jasmine harm Tejo. Later, Fateh is drinking in the bar. He remembers how Tejoo asks her to stay away from her.  Fateh imagines Tejo but then realizes he is Buzzo and goes to talk to him. He asks why is he drinking. Buzzo tells him that his parents are looking for a girl for him.

Fateh gets angry at him and says that he told him that he loves Simran then what happened now. Buzzo says that he loves Simran and is ready to accept her with Candy but Khushbeer won’t agree with it ever. Fateh says that he will talk to him about it. Later, Buzzo tells Tejo that Fateh is drunk. She gets worried. Here, Fateh asks Buzzo to come with him, they will talk to Khushbeer about his alliance. Tejo comes there and slaps Fateh. She says to him why he wants to destroy everything. He will talk to Khushbeer in this state about Simran’s alliance. She leaves scolding him. Fateh gets happy and says thanks to Buzzo saying now, he knows how to make Tejo happy. He decides to reunite their family on the occasion of Lohri. Everyone celebrates Lohri, meanwhile, Jasmine comes there and everyone gets shocked. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm


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