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Udaariyaan 10th August 2021 full episode written update: Fateh Feels Perturbed!


Today’s episode begins with Satti as she tells Jasmine to have breakfast but she says that she is getting late for college and also doesn’t want to have breakfast. Sukhmini asks Satti to let her go as she is already very disturbed because of that Gippi. Satti says that she will talk to Tejo so that she helps Jasmine to reduce her pain. Jasmine overhears Satti’s talk and says to herself that Tejo is the only reason for her pain. She then leaves from there. Here, Tejo notices that a kid is fighting with the milkman who scolds the child.


The man thinks that Tejo is the kid’s mother. Tejo says sorry to that man. The Tejo asks the kid to tell her about his whereabouts. He says that he doesn’t remember anything. Tejo laughs. Another small girl comes to Tejo and tells her that his name is Candy. Tejo goes with him to his house. Fateh notices Jasmine’s calls and thinks that now she is going to argue with him and is about to call her but Buzo comes to her and says to him that he is very happy for him as he finally moved on. Here, Tejo reaches Candy’s house and gets surprised to see Fateh’s picture there. She then sees Simran who gets shocked to see her.

Fateh then questions Buzo about his married life so he gets nervous and is about to leave. Fateh notices Jasmine’s text message and gets shocked as she wrote that she wants to talk to him and coming to his academy. There, Tejo questions Simran that when she came to India and also asks about her son. Simran sends Candy outside. Fateh is about to leave the academy, meanwhile, Jasmine reaches there and Buzo gets stunned to see her. Jasmine sees Buzo. Fateh says to Jasmine if she came to meet Tejo.

She says that she came here to return her money as he paid for her dinner. Fateh refuses to take it. Buzo asks him about the dinner. Jasmine says that because of her and Amrik, his romantic dinner changed into the family dinner. She leaves the place. Buzo says to Fateh that he is very lucky to have Tejo as her wife. Here, Simran tells everything to Tejo and asks her not to tell anyone about it. Fateh decides to tell everything to Tejo about his and Jasmine’s relation. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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