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UAP Text Message Craig Kelly Need For Spam, Privacy Reform


The new friend of Clive Plamer naming Craig Kelly seems to be a spammer, he has sent out a huge volume of spam texts to many of the phone numbers who were selected by him randomly, he has been harassing people with pleas as to join Potemkin village which is of a political party. Under the act gloriously named span 2003, no one can send you a promotional or advertising text message unless they have the permission to do so, they provide contact details and also provide a way to block any further texts.

UAP Text Message Craig Kelly

UAP Text Message Craig Kelly

The political parties have exempted themselves from the act, they have also excluded themselves from the ‘do not call’ register which is designated to spam calls and it seems like the political parties have given themselves a free pass to sabotage your life by infringement of your privacy and the rights of a person to live without being harassed.

They are not even subjected to the laws which are basic privacy laws and this is the reason why they have a detailed profile of every single voter and you are not allowed to question them or ask them as to what are they doing with your personal information and how they are using it.

Well, let us talk about Kelly as you can return him the favor by calling him in his office in Sydney on  (02) 9521 6262 and you can ask about his office politely and tell him to stop spamming you for no reason, the allegations are on Kelly so be respectful to the staff who are working at the office as they have no involvement in this.

Since he is spamming so many people on their personal mobile number, you can also return the favor by calling him on 0458 150 211 and you can give him a short message stating not to spam you, just text him directly, this is surely going to make him know that what he is doing I totally wrong and he cannot just spam people by sending messaged which people don’t want to read.

It seems like the movement has started to hack Kelly and the UAP and many of the people have already joined the movement and don’t forget to call or message him stating not to spam you as you haven’t given him the permission to do so. This is something which the political parties should understand, first of all, you are using our data without telling us what they are doing with it, then they have the audacity to spam us which is outright wrong.

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