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Tyson Recalls Chicken: 8.5 million pounds of chicken ready-to-eat chicken due to possible Listeria contamination


The company Tyson food inc. has recalled about 8.5 million pounds of chicken products that were ready-to-eat as there is a possibility that they are contaminated with Listeria and this has been announced by the inspection service and food safety of the USDA which they did on Saturday.

Tyson Recalls Chicken

Tyson Recalls Chicken

These frozen products were cooked in between 26th December to 13th April and this has been stated by the agency and the products are marked with the establishment number which is EST.P-7089 which will be written on the bag of product, the items have been shipped nationwide to most of the institutions and retailers which is going to include hospitals, restaurants, nursing facilities , department of defense locations and schools which has been stated in a statement.

it has also been stated by the food inspection and safety services that they received a notification that there have been two people that have become ill on 9th June with listeriosis and then they went on to work with the center for disease control and prevention and they all determined a link as they found an evidence that was linking to the products of the Tyson company.

Symotoms Of Literiosis

It can cause fever, it can cause headache, muscle aches, stiff neck, headache, loss of balance, confusion and it in some cases it can lead to diarrhea or can cause many gastrointestinal symptoms and this has been stated by the FSIS. They have further stated that is any of the consumer or any of the businesses have these products, they immediately need to throw them away as it can be pretty dangerous for the person whoever is going to consume these products.

It seems like that the company has made a big blunder and this can cause them a lot as they can be fined for what they have done, this can be really harmful as many of the people who are not aware about this are going to get affected severely which is going to be pretty devastating for the consumers.

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