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Txai Surui: Age, Instagram, Net Worth, COP26 Speech – Activist fighting for Brazil’s rainforests


Who is Txai Surui? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, COP26 Speech – Activist fighting for Brazil’s rainforests: Today, we are going to talk about an Indigenous youth activist Txai Surui who is hitting the headlines currently as she is trying her best to protect the natural sanity of her home, Amazon. She also came into the limelight when she appeared in the Twitter account of WWF. She is a well-known and honorable indigenous youth activist. She has been praised by many for her work in the protection of the natural sanity of Amazon. Many people are seeking detail about her since she was seen in the Twitter account of WWF. So, here we have brought all the details about her. Txai Surui. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Txai Surui

Who is Txai Surui?

As we all know that the Amazon rainforest is the most extensive and critical ally of the world in the battle against climate change. Severely, Amazon has around 200 billion tons of carbon in its plants and soils. Nevertheless, large parts of the forest are being removed for human use, leaving it on the verge of collapse. Several areas including parts of the Amazon have become home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. Still, they are under pressure from developers as they want to convert the land to unbearable human uses including mining or agriculture.

Txai Surui COP26 Speech Video

That’s why it has become important to protect indigenous peoples’ rights to territories, land, and resources to save their well-being and help them in their efforts to combat climate change and ignore biodiversity loss. Txai Surui is one of six teenage climate activists. She is appealing to the Brazilian government to warn its carbon emission pledges.

Talking about Txai Surui who is an Indigenous youth activist. She is from the Amazonian town of Rondonia. According to the reports she is 24 years old. She has started a young peoples’ organization and she is one of them. The organization has 6 young members. The life of her family is in danger and the police are trying to protect them with their actions.

Txai Surui: Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Surui is an inspiring environmentalist. Her motive is to save the Amazon so that human existence could be safe. She said that saving the rights of indigenous people will maintain the medical plants and animals. She is the daughter of Neidinha. She gained an education in law. Currently, she is working with the Kaninde legal team to save the rights of indigenous people and their land.

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