Home News Two Divers Missing Cornwall Scylla Presumed Dead near wreck off Cornwall

Two Divers Missing Cornwall Scylla Presumed Dead near wreck off Cornwall


There is a major search which is going on of two drivers who are being presumed dead as they disappeared while they were exploring a shipwreck which is off the coast of Cornwall. It is being stated the men have failed to return as they were exploring the wreck of HMS Scylla, it got sunk in the year 2004.

Two Divers Missing Cornwall

Two Divers Missing Cornwall

It has been stated by the authorities, they believe the pair have died but this is something that still needs to be confirmed. The search operation started off when one of the coast guards was alerted as they received a call at 7:45 pm on Friday which was from a dive party who were exploring Scylla, there was a third diver who managed to reach the surface.

He is currently being treated for decompression at DDRC healthcare which is a medical center for specialist diving which is situated in Plymouth, it seems like the search went on for the whole night into the early hours which happened on Saturday. It has been further reported by the authorities,

Missing Divers Scylla

There are three who have been undertaking a dive yesterday in the afternoon, they faced an issue as they were below the surface as they were exploring the wreck. A rescue and search plan was set up having a rescue helicopter which came from Newquay, there were lifeboats which were brought into action, there was a police launch and some other vessels.

The dive boat was also on the scene, it has been further stated by the authorities, they couldn’t find anyone and they have stated their thoughts and prayers are with the dive party who are dealing with a traumatic experience. It has been stated Scylla was sunk purposefully in order to create an offshore reef that is home to about 250 species.

In the year 2007, two divers died while they were trying to explore it, then in the year 2014, divers were strictly warned to not to enter the wreck because of the critical conditions which have been identified by the National Marine Aquarium, as of now it is not at all clear if the two divers who went missing has entered the Scylla or not.

It is pretty sad to see that they pursue to listen to their curiosity of checking out the wreck but it resulted in such a tragic incident, people need to understand if something has been stated hazardous by the authorities, then entering such a place can be really dubious which happened in this case.

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