Home Technology Twitter Loses Legal Shield In India: Twitter Charged with Provoking Communal Sentiments!

Twitter Loses Legal Shield In India: Twitter Charged with Provoking Communal Sentiments!


It seems like Twitter has managed to lose the legal protection which it had in India which is directed to prosecution over the post of the users as the social media platform has failed to comply with all of the new digital rules that have been made by the government, it has been stated by the government itself that there has been a case that has been filed in Uttar Pradesh which was against the Twitter as it has been compiled in the FIR that the site in trying t fume communal trouble and that can result in riots.

Twitter Loses Legal Shield In India

Twitter Loses Legal Shield In India

It seems like that the social media giants have not yet included all of the provisions and rules that have been designated by the government on 25th May, it has been stated the ministry of IT and electronics that due to the non-compliance that they have shown, their protection has vanished as an intermediary and it seems like that Twitter is going to be face some problems as they’d probably face some kind of liability due to this and it seems like that Twitter does not wish to respond to whatever has been going on.

The case has been filed last night and they can face some charges for the content of some third party and the report against the social media giant has been filed in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh, the case has been filed as a Muslim man has been assaulted due to the post that was on Twitter and the site has been accused of not removing such misleading content because of which an innocent man has been assaulted.

The name of the man is Sufi Abdul Samad has stated that his beard has been cut off and then he was told to chant Vande Matram and Jai Shri Ram by the goons who assaulted him to this extent, UP police is stating that the person is lying as he was assaulted by 6 men who were both Hindu and Muslim and they were upset with him because of the amulets that he has sold to those people as the people who have assaulted them are stating that they went o to accuse him as he has sold them fake talismans.

Now parties are trying to play their dirty politics over the incident as they have made it to be a dispute between Hindus and Muslims and such demeaning political games should be stopped once in for all.

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