As we all know that many social media personalities hide their real identity but gained huge names and fame for their content. In the current year, several social media influencers and YouTubers have decided to keep their face or identity private, this process called “VTubing” and also known as “Virtual YouTuber.” One of those personalities is Dream who never revealed his face to his fans. He is running a YouTuber channel for 7 years keeping his identity hide. Recently, an unknown Twitter user posted a photo of a boy since then the fans are speculating that the photo is of Dream.

Twitter Dream Face Reveal

Twitter Dream Face Reveal

Just like, YouTubers Corpse Husband and TikTok star Trixxie World, Dream is also the one who is famous as a YouTuber. However, Dream has promised his fans that he will reveal his face on some special occasion but never do that. His fans are eagerly waiting to see his face and also wait on every occasion that Dream might reveal his face but it never happened yet.

On June 9, a photo was leaked on a Twitter account that claimed that he is Dream. The user who posted the picture also didn’t reveal his identity but seeing that post the fans of Dream went crazy and thinking that the picture belongs to Dream. In the image, a chubby white boy is sitting wearing an Orlando City Soccer t-shirt and the hair color of the boy is brown. Now, the question is that if the boy is really the Dream?

However, Dream hasn’t confirmed anything about the picture. He hasn’t broken the silence yet. Until he won’t pass any statement related to this matter, the question will be raised like this only. No one has ever seen him so there is no clue if he is Dream or someone else.

Twitter Dream Face Reveal Fans React To Alleged Photo!

Also, several fans have stated that Dream has denied all the accusations on his private Twitter account but it is not confirmed that if any statement has passed by him. As per the reports, Dream is a 21-year-old boy who is from Orlando, Florida. Since the photo has come out, he is trending on Twitter with the hashtag #Dream_Out. Some people also criticizing the revealed picture. Now, let’s see when will he clear the rumors. To know more about this article, stay tuned with us.


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