YouTuber Dream is remaining in the limelight for the ‘face revealed’ rumours. As we all know that a photo went viral on Twitter claiming that the photo belongs to the famous YouTuber Dream. When the photo was uploaded by an unknown Twitter user, the fans of Dream went crazy about the picture and speculating that the picture is of Dream. But finally, Dream reacted to these rumours and confirmed that the revealed picture is not of him. The dream is the most famous and well-known YouTuber whose content is liked by many people. Here, we have all the details about the matter.

Twitter Dream Face Reveal

Twitter Dream Face Reveal

First, we will start that from when this rumour came out? And what will his fans react to this rumour? On Monday, a photo went viral on Twitter, that was posted by an unknown person. The identity of this person is not revealed yet. The photo was uploaded on June 10, 2021 (Yesterday). In the picture, a cute chubby boy, brown hair, wearing an Orlando City Soccer T-shirt has shown. After seeing the picture, Dream’s fan went crazy thinking that the picture belongs to Dream. His fans got happy thinking that finally, he revealed his face.

The dream is one of the most prominent and brilliant YouTuber who always brings new and interesting content for his fans. But Dream never his fans to his fans and become a faceless sensation. He mainly uploads Minecraft content and speedrun videos. He started his YouTuber career in the year 2014 but gained popularity in 2019-20. He mainly gained popularity for his videos related to the game Minecraft. He uploaded a YouTube series of Minecraft Manhunt and has got huge fame and appreciation for the videos. He received a Streamy Awards for Gaming and also was nominated for Breakout Creator.

He owned 7 YouTube channel including Dream, Dream Shorts, Dream Team, Dream Music, Dream Tech, DreamXD, and Minecraft Manhunt. His channels have earned 32.9 million subscribers and 2.26 billion views on his videos. In 2020, Dream was listed as the breakout creator by YouTube. Currently, he is becoming a topic to talk about. Since a “fake picture” went viral on Twitter, his fans have puzzled if the picture is of him or not. On June 11, Dream took his private Twitter account to clear the rumours, he wrote that the revealed picture is not of him. It’s a fake photo. To know more about this article, stay tuned with us.


  1. but like the pic did not even look like a 21 year old tho- also, even is it was real, people would still watch him is they are true fans! also, why would dream post pics of his lil bro? like c’mon! it doesn’t even look like a kid! so yea, ( im revering to what the person said on the twitter post).

  2. lul its dream alright, why doesnt dream post his own face to prove it? atleast post your hair color or something like that. Dream is just a fatass


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