It seems like people are remembering the tragic event which happened 25 years ago in which 230 people die as TWA flight 800 exploded which happened after some minute of take-off as it took off from New York, John F. Kennedy International airport to be exact.

TWA Flight 800 Explosion

TWA Flight 800 Explosion Video

It took the investigators about a whole year to recover 95% of the airplane but it seems like that it has been decided by the government that they are going to be destroying the wreckage that they have reconstructed of the ill aircraft.

it seems like that this is being done by the government as it is going to be the 25th anniversary of the situation and in the honor of the people who have died, it has been decided that they are going to be destroying the planet.

After the crash happened, there was an investigation that went on for 4 years which was conducted by the National Transporation Safety Board and it has been concluded that it happened because there was a spark happened because of a fault in the electrical department and that caused the fuel and air to mix in the fuel tank which was placed in the center.

The investigation went on and about 1600 pieces were retrieved from the waters in New York and then they were being reassembled so that it could be determined what has happened.

Now it has been stated by the NTSB that they are going to be destroying the haunting plane which is about 93 feet and is about 60000 lb in order to honor the lives that have been lost in the incident.

In the year 2003, the plane was shifted from New York to Ashburn as it was being used to train the first responders and was being used to train the transportation safety investigators.

it has been stated that it has been kept away from the eyes of the public to keep in check the feelings of the families who have lost their beloved ones in the horrific incident, but it is allowed to the families that if they feel like visiting the reassembled plane, then they can as some of them have also left some tokens in the name of remembering their loved ones.


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